Custom ear molds Interchangeability

Just wondering if Custom ear molds are interchangeable between different manufacturers of hearing aids. I presently wear Signia RIC with domes. If I got custom domes would they be able to be used if I upgraded to Phonak Marvels later?

I don’t know about the models your asking about but my audi said she had my molds made where we can swap between Widex and Oticon.

Some are and some are not.
Different powered receivers are different physical sizes. The physical wired connection to the aid might be different between the aids too.
Asking your audiologist this question would be best.


Phonak Audéo Marvels and KS9s use the same receivers. Some Unitrons probably do as well since they’re also Sonova. Resound and Beltone might be compatible since they’re the same company too, depending on model. But the aids would have to be setup to use them; you could plug and play but the sound wouldn’t be optimal without you or an audiologist programming them appropriately.

Now, true BTEs with the tube, those are fully interchangeable.

That’s interesting. Wonder how that works. Widex is a ‘sister’ company with a Signia, according to my Audi. Wonder if receiver wire connectors to the hear aid are compatible. My dilemma is I would like to try custom molds as ppl have said they sometimes improve speech clarity and I think they would stay in my ears better. I visited my Audi a number of times over the 3 yrs and almost of the visits were due to adjust domes. They either irritate of dint stay in etc. I dint want to invest in molds and then turn around and update my hearing aids if they aren’t interchangeable.

Widex is still working independently from Sivantos for now, they still use totally different models/circuits and different receivers.

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I’m not sure but comparing the two, they look similar. I know she had to order a tool so she could take the Widex receiver out but didn’t need the tool for Oticon because she had already tried the molds on Oticon receiver before I got there.

I do like the molds for simplicity putting them in. They just go where they go and that’s it. No occlusion at all just my voice sounds different. We have to send them back to get the air vent drilled out larger. I’m getting bad echoing. My canals must be small because It looks like there’s only enough room for the receiver tip/ filter and the air vent the size it is now. The outside air vent wall looks real thin now. They may have to redesign the mold if that’s possible.

Tim thank you for the explanation. I also have small canals. I was hoping maybe I could get ear molds for my present HAs and then not have the expense if I upgraded. :woman_shrugging: I’ll talk to my Audi.

No I dont think the signia click moulds would be compatible with Marvel receivers so if you were changing to phonak you’d have to have new moulds made (although quite often when you order new hering aids the provider won’t charge for moulds on top of the price so would hopefully not have to pay extra for the moulds)

Thanks so much. Information is helpful. I didn’t know that.

Widex dream custom mold hole isn’t compatible with phonak marvel, both P receivers. I forgot which one needs bigger hole. Or if it was only diameter of a hole and not something else, like space for the receiver…
But I’d say, don’t expect interchangeability, definitely ask in advance.

@Blacky When I was still trying to get my audio to make me molds way back in April she gave me a selection of every single type of dome she had. Not one of them was compatible with the interface on the end of the Marvel receiver. I forgot honestly that there are molds that click on the end of the receivers in addition to the type where the receiver is built into the mold.

Thanks everyone. I’ll talk to you Audi. Everyone on this forum is great and I learn so much.

That’s the way it was with my audi.

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