Custom Ear Molds for Motorcyclists / Remolds for HA Pt's with BTE's


Service in SoCal, Custom Ear Molds for Motorcyclists. All colors available, and different hardnesses depending on your use.
We also remake ear molds for BTE users…No need for a new mold if you cant make it down to LA. Send us your old mold and using computer fabrication technology we will remake your mold into the same exact shape it was, but with a new material and any color you’d like.
We can also relieve problem areas and fill if needed.

Please Pm me for details…

I am a Licensed hearing health care specialist in California.


What in particular makes these molds specific to motorcyclists?


Deep insertion molds, fabricated with ear buds, vented/non vented/pluggable vents for altitude riding, corded retention…nothing makes them specific to moto enthusiasts, just that every rider needs them.


I found the “corded retention” interesting. I wonder how many people have lost an aid while riding.

I haven’t been on a motorcycle in ages, but when I rode I always wore a full-face helmet. I wonder how aids react to helmets? And without a helmet I imagine wind noise would be a serious issue. Any riders on-line here to fill us in?