Custom Ear Mold with RIE

I have a Resound Future RIE giving me pain in my left ear only. I’ve tried three different sized tips including no tip at all. I’ve also had the length changed on the receiver tube.
It seems that the only thing left is a custom ear mold but I am concerned about losing the
“open fit” that I have now. Can anyone using an RIE with a custom ear mold comment in any positive way as to the experience of going from the ususal “open fit” of an RIE to the custom ear mold? I need some encouragment. I love what they currently do for my hearing but the discomfort in that one ear is a bit more than I can handle.

How is it hurting your ear? Do you think it is the hard part of the receiver hitting the side? With the regular domes it is possible to position it where the hard part of the receiver touches the canal, and that can lead to irritation, especially with a short receiver wire. Have you tried pushing it in to different depths, like barely in enough to stay, then pushing a little further in, a little more, etc.? Have you tried the tulip domes (that’s what I wear). Mine are pushed in so far you cannot see the dome, only the wire going in, but the elbow of the wire is not stressed, it turns and goes straight in (not at an angle). If the wire is just a little short so the dome is being pulled up a little bit, the hard part can hit the side of the canal. I had to have a wire longer (#3) than what I measured, in order to be comfortable.

Is it possible it is irritated now and just needs some time to heal?

Just trying to brainstorm all the possibilities.

Three questions:

  1. What is RIE?
  2. What is an open fit?
  3. Why didn’t you already have a custom mold?

My Resounds were uncomfortable - some pain, a lot of itching, and trapped sweat. But the audiologist told me if I wear them all day every day, that problem will disappear. No way was I going to do that when I did not need them every day! I was mad because the audiologist sent me the message, “Don’t swim, take a shower, or get your hair cut,” by saying that.

Actually the tulip dome is probably the only one that I have not tried. Yesterday, I received the longer #3 receiver tube that you have. It was because I had to pull out the tube so far as to appear with “a tea cup handle effect” that I went to the longer tube. Apparently it was pulling. Can you tell me anything about the tulip tip and how it might feel different? Right now I have no dome at all.

What is a tulip dome? :confused:

any web browser or the search function in this forum is your friend.

The #3 may take care of it with any dome, so you may have to go back through all the sizes to see which one actually fits the best.

The tulip dome is made up of two “petals” that slightly overlap. One petal is slightly larger than the other. When you push them in it causes the petals to be compressed just a little bit which causes them to open up just a little. The tulip domes provide a little better protection from feedback but still have that open feel and no occlusion. They are also more comfortable for me and they stay in better than the open, wagon-wheel looking, domes.

It’s very subjective and everybody’s ears are different, but for me they are the perfect domes, better feedback control, more comfortable, and better retention.

  1. Receiver In the Ear. It is Resound’s word for the RIC or RITE

  2. Where the ear is not stopped up and lets in some natural sound. No, or little, occlusion.

  3. It’s not necessary for many people. Domes and open fit are very comfortable and may not have occlusion.

Seriously Agil, if you need them, wear them every day and get the fit fixed so they are comfortable. If you don’t need them, don’t wear them at all. You will not get used to them and will not benefit from them as much unless you wear them all day every day.

Here is an exaample.