Currently trialing Phonak Virto Marvel, is this the best in-the-ear model?

I am trialing the new Phonak Virtu black, I like the fact it’s a Bluetooth earpiece and HA combined. Seems to work well. Could I ask the forum what other models people recommend that offer similar features but are still in the canal rather than over the ear? Or is this the best one currently available?

Starkey Livio Edge AI.

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Agree with Starkey. Probably Oticon Opn S too.

Agree with Starkey Livio Edge AI.

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I’ve been very impressed with Starky Livio Edge AI, RIC. About a week into the trial.

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I agree the Starkey Edge is great. The Edge feature is a whole new experience to me in clarity of hearing for me. I know that most of the other brands can be programmed to replace the high frequencies lost to a mask.

My feelings is different, it isn’t the brand or even the extras it is the aids that allow you to hear and understand speech the best.

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Thank you all for this advice!

You asked a question that’s impossible to answer.

Several seem to have managed just fine.

A lot of different answers probably with most saying the aids they own are the best. If that answers your questions great. Let me add the phonak marvel naidas to the list

I think the question was specifically about ITE models. Sure somebody will prove me wrong, but I haven’t seen any rave reviews of Widex, Resound or Signia ITEs. I think if one is committed to ITE, trying Phonak, Starkey and Oticon would cover the bases pretty well.

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And the fitter, right?

So very true. The Audi is the one that can make or break the fitting.

Very true and if they fit you right it makes or breaks the whole process. What said was Well said I include fitters and audiologists to that standard it is very important for them to fit you right and work with you during that process.

Can you answer phone calls with the Starkey Edge or do you need to use your phone?

With RIC you have to have your phone and also use the phone mics to talk into.

You don’t with the Phonak, it works as a Bluetooth mic and earpiece perfectly. I heard the Starkey Edge doesn’t and you have to use the phone mic, or a remote mic!

Depends on how you program it. I have it set to tap to edge or help. Who ever programs the aid can choose what the tap is used for.

I am very interested in hearing about user experiences with the Phonak Virtu black. Is the bluetooth connection reliable? Is the music streaming quality good? Does the “no hands” phone link work well?

I am using Costco KS9 aids now. My major problem is that the Autosense 2.0 feature switches to “bluetooth streaming” sometimes - usually while watching TV. Also, having the aids behind the ear interferes with my glasses and makes it difficult to reach the control buttons on the aids…

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