Current status of BT5 and possibilities


@KermitTFrog Starting a new thread at your suggestion. In a previous thread I made contact with somebody who was involved in working towards creating standards for BT5 for hearing aids. At the time (late 2017) standards had not been agreed to and the person said IF standards were approved in 2018 that we could probably expect to hearing aids with BT5 come out in 2019.


Thank you, @MDB!

While I’m aware that this process can take years to go from theory to FDA approved device (and that many other things can happen within the industry in the interim), I’m thrilled to have a thread that might be occasionally updated when new innovations occur or new research is released and can be accessed by the particularly vested lay public.

Thanks again!

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I also hope this thread will be updated when(if) more information s available.
Bluetooth 5 and the new Sony audio codec incorporated in Android 8(O) make it possible to make hardware
superior to the Apple kludge that is on the market now.
Samsung, are you listening?


iPhone 8, 8+ and X all have BT5, as well.

Not sure of what codecs are or will be compatible … yet.

Here’s hoping companies have been working on hard and soft tech around BT5 “behind the scenes” so products might come to market sooner rather than later.