Curious if some hearing aid companies agree not to sell to others for lower prices?

Was in a photo store today and asked if they carried something from a particular brand and I was somewhat surprised at the answer. The answer was no because the company won’t agree not to sell to others for less money. Was wondering if any audiologists/hearing aid fitters have similar arrangements with any hearing aid companies?

Lost track of your pronouns. I don’t understand who’s doing what. :slight_smile: Or was it double negative.

OK. I’ll try again. The camera company which sells to many stores retains the right to sell to other stores at lower prices. This store declined to do business with them because of that. Apparently several camera companies agree not to sell to others for lower prices. Was wondering if similar agreements exist with any hearing aid companies? Better?

Purchase price of hearing aids is predicated on volume. The more you buy, the less you pay and consequently can sell them for less. Costco is the extreme example. But some manufacturers will not sell their products to the big box stores. I am not sure now, but in the past some manufacturers would not sell to companies like TruHearing or HearPO. So the answer to your question is yes.

The Veterans Administration is by far the largest purchaser of hearing aids in the USA. If a manufacturer wants to be on the VA contract, a stipulation is that NO ONE can purchase aids for less than the VA. Given the volume that is at stake, no one violates this rule.

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