Curious about Notch Therapy practicalities


I’m curious about trying out notch therapy for my tinnitus. Hence, some questions:

  • Which hearing aids besides Signa which offer notch therapy, if any?
  • Are there any notch therapy apps which do not charge a monthly fee (one-time purchase is fine – iphone in my case)?
  • Could notch therapy on a hearing aid be simulated by simply reducing gain on the channel(s) with the appropriate pitch? (I would guess that this depends on how precise the channel resolution is – which hearing aids have sufficiently narrow channels to do this?)
  • If you’ve tried notch therapy, how did you feel it worked for you?

Notch therapy sounds interesting from a neurological pov. Obviously experiences will differ, but I’m curious about what the potential might be in real life. Note, I’m not asking about masking – I got used to the tinnitus years ago, and it doesn’t bother me. Most of the time I am completely unaware of it.

Yet, I am curious about what I am not hearing when I’m in a quiet environment and all I hear is the roaring hiss. Sometimes I think I have the quietest keyboard in the world, then I realize that it is really the tinnitus occluding the keyclicks. Or my husband talks about the birds or the wind, and I don’t hear them because they are quieter than the hiss. As the audiologist said, my hearing is fine, as long as it is louder than my tinnitus.