Cure may be 5 years away


Interesting article to see a potential for curing tinnitus and hearing loss via stem cells. I would love to see this cure come to rise. For now however, people should still see their ENT’s and audiologists to help maintain the symptoms as well as to help lessen the effects of the drugs. It is amazing though how medical technology has progressed and hopefully stem cells will help lead the way and help people with severe hearing loss or worse.

I can’t wait!!

Please see my blog for more information on this. The experts quote around 30 years for deaf treatment with stem cells. However there’s other ways and those ways may appear in 10 years.

Ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf?

ditto hask!:eek:

Holy shit!:eek:

I am quoting my own post and laughing at how far off I was! I can’t believe deaf treatment is already here with stem cells and not 30 years off! The experts were wrong, but I believed them! In my blog, a 4 year old got stem cells and his hearing improved. I have the before/after audiograms!

we are going to wait for long.

Hearing aid companies will not let this happen

They can’t stop it as drug companies have a LOT more money than them. What will probably happen is that hearing aids will become useful for the “normal hearing” population as well with wireless capabilities and Super Directionality, touted to even improve a normal hearing person’d ability to hear in noise. As such costs will lilekly fall significantly.

Drug companies are putting money into hair cell stem cells which is so good for us! This will definitely speed things up a bit, although there are a lot of obstacles to pass.