CROS hearing aids

Hi I currently wear a hearing aid in my right ear and have complete nerve dead deafness in my left ear I have an appointment in few weeks time to make some adjustments to my current hearing aid but still having difficulty hearing if someone is talking to me in the left side. I recently heard about cros aids and am wondering if they might work better for me but was wondering if anyone on here has them and if so do they really work and what do people think of them. If anyone can help with information on them it would be great

I’ve got a friend who wears one. She wears a Phonak Sky Q70 SP in her left ear and the Phonak CROS in her right.

She loves wearing it! She wore just a single HA for years until she got the CROS HA last year.

She says it doesn’t help with location of sound but part from that, she thinks it’s great!

Some people find the CROS not as good in noise but my friend doesn’t have that problem.

Thanks for this information

Since you have an active hearing aid in the one ear, you would technically be looking at a bi-cros. That means two mics and one receiver. People either love them or hate them. Since it is possible to get a bi-cros on a trial period, try it and see if you like it. Some patients report better localization with the bi-cros but some don’t. It greatly helps if someone is talking to you on your dead side.

I wear a HA in my right ear and have a Cros in my left ear since I have lost high frequency in my left ear. I wear Phonak Q50 Ric.

I find it works for me hearing sounds from the left side. I’ve taken it out to see if there is a difference and their definitely is.

It would be worth a trial to find out.

I use Phonak Sky V50 SP in my right ear and have Cros 11 in my left ear.

Works very well for me. Although I still don’t know which direction sound is coming from, I can hear people speaking to me from my left side.

I am totally deaf in the left ear.

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Thanks for this sounds like you have a similar problem to me as I’m totally deaf in my left ear. How long did it take for you to get use to the cros aid ?

I had been using a Siemen’s wired cros aid prior to having the Phonak’s. I was quite pleased when I started with the Phonak because there were no wires running across the back of my head.

I haven’t found it at all difficult with the cros aid - being able to hear sounds from both sides is a real blessing.

I am a much older person, in my late 70’s and I first began using a older wired cros aid in my 50’s. Prior to that, I coped with just one hearing aid.

Thanks for the response at the minute I think I am going to talk to my audiologist to find out best options

If you are able to have a trial of the cros aid, I would go for it.

I am fortunate in that our Australian Government provides aids for free for Aged Pensioners.

I’m quite lucky I live in the U.K. and you can get a certain level of hearing care and hearing aids on the nhs but at the minute I’m now at the stage as an adult where I’m trying to understand the exact nature of my hearing loss and best way to go forward with treatment but I think I’m going to ask to see the audiogram for my left ear and get the audiologist to explain it to me and then take what to do about cros aids or other options from there depending on what they say about it.