CROS Hearing Aid -How to choose?


I have unilateral hearing loss. My left ear is deaf due to an acoustic neuroma 20 years ago. My right ear has near normal hearing. I had an old analog CROS hearing aid that had a wire that went between them. I want to purchase a Cros Hearing aid for times that I need one. What are your recommendations? Not necessarily brand but function. Do I need a top of the line CROS? That is what is presented to me each time I go in to talk with the audiologists. Are there any good brands out there that may have less bells and whistles? I don’t need streaming to my phone, although I do want good microphone choices. I appreciate any recommendations or insights you may have.



At this point in time, there is no independent literature that supports that all users can even tell the difference between higher and lower technology. So go ahead and push to start with something lower.



Actually i wear Cros since years Stereozoom helps at least with phonaks so look out that you can get one with that feature. V90 have automatic stereo Zoom and V70 manual
Actualy is up to you which one you like more.

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My friend wear the Phonak CROS in one ear and a Phonak Bolero Q50 in the other ear. She couldn’t tell the difference between the high end or the low end so went with the low end.