Creek Fire

Not sure if there’s anybody else on forum affected by this (I’m sure some are getting our smoke!)
We’re safe and on the edge of the evacuation zone. Need to be prepared to leave at moment’s notice. Neat video of the amazing flying that occurs.

It’s very nerve-wracking isn’t it.
Up here in the southern middle part of BC we’re getting smoke from a fire from northern Washington.
Back in 2017 we had a bad fire season. We were evacuated for 6 weeks. Not fun.

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Stay safe everyone in that area. We went through horrendous fires last November through to February this year. I don’t want to have to go through those fire storms again. Bloody horrid time for everyone.


Thanks for the attachment, very eye opening.
Hard to imagine these fire fighters doing this day in and day out.
Bless these hard working people.

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It s always on my mind, we live in the National Forest in Arkansas. But the forest service here s always dong controlled burns and make sure the fire brakes are kept clean.