Creating spare battery holder

The girls can pop the whole pack of spare batteries into their purse but for the guys pocket space is frequently at a premium. I came up with this way of carrying a couple spares without inconvenience. I slip them into the jeans watch pocket.

The Duracell batteries come with a plastic holder that snaps in the center. I used metal shears but I’m sure a saw would work too. Sand off the rough edges.


For years the hearing aid manufacturers and battery manufacturers gave out two battery cases on key chains. If you ask your provider, they probably have a bunch of them in a drawer or on the back shelf. Your solution looks like it would work fine but the already made ones are even smaller and more convenient. But I am glad to see that McGiver is still alive and well, good job.


I just use one of my wife’s contact lense holders. 1 battery in each compartment.

Cool! Here’s a link to ones doe keychains…

I like this idea and will give it a shot. I don’t find that the whole package is too large, but smaller is better, right? That Amazon link shows the tabs removed from the batteries. Of course we all know that’s a bad idea. Right?!

Interesting ideas! For me, little round snap boxes that are intended to hold silicone industrial ear protectors do the job for me.

Seems like a lot of work for something I can buy on Amazon for a few dollars

You are obviously not as cheap as I am. :smile:


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Coroplast, LOL. I’m cheaper. I’ve worn HA for 61 years and always just put the package of batteries in my front pocket. No need for a different case.