Crazy whistling

I have had my Widex Passion for two days now and the whistling is driving me completely nuts. If it’s completely quiet in the room it’s as if it builds up then starts with a soft whistling and will continue until I put my hand close when it then lets out a loud whistle. Then it’s better. Or if there is sound then it sometimes gets better too. And then it starts all over again.

People in the room with me can hear my aid whistle.

What causes it to whistle so much? Is it set up wrong? Is it inserted in my ear the wrong way? I won’t be able to continue wearing it if it’s going to continue doing that!! :frowning:

It could be that it is not fitted right for your ear, or not inserted properly. However I think that either it’s programmed incorrectly or something is defective inside it. Of course I am just guessing and maybe one of our resident Audis here will be able to tell you with more accuracy than I can.

That is a real drag. I hope it gets resolved promptly. Let us know the resolution. Thanks, George

Sucks doesn’t it…but, your Audi will be able to assist with determining what is causing it. With me, the open fit on my RITE Oticon Vigo Pro causes some whistling, because the 10mm dome is not big enough for my canal, and the dome starts to slip out causing it to pick up some feed back. To fix this, my Audi tweaked the gain down, and reduced the 3k frequency level. All better.
So then we increased the gain only so I could have better clarity of hearing.
That worked, but would really like to have the 3k bumped up. So, I am having a custom dome made which should fix the squeal and whistling, and allow the 3k to be moved up for further clarity of voice.
I will post the results on what and if that was the fix.

Just my 2 cents based on my experience.

You need to go back and see your hearing professional.

There are five possible reasons for this problem:

  1. You have a build up of wax in your ears. Sometimes when taking an aural impression, tiny fragments of wax are all pushed together into a bigger ball which can block the ear canal a little. The sound from the hearing aid bounces off the wax and goes back into the hearing aid microphone causing feedback, which is whistling.

  2. You are not inserting the aid properly. The aid is designed to go in just one way. If you have not perfectly fitted the aid, it could cause it to whistle.

  3. The fit may not be perfect. This could be for a variety of reasons. But if it doesn’t fit properly or moves out of the perfect position, then there is a problem.

  4. The aid may not be programmed properly. Most modern aids have a feedback cancellation system. The effectiveness of such a system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from model to model. I’ve seen some hearing ‘professionals’ not bother to calibrate this setting properly when fitting the aid, choosing instead to leave it on the factory default. Doing this demonstrates that your hearing professional is lazy and incompetent, so let’s hope it’s not that!

  5. The aid could be faulty. If an aid is going to fail, it will likely do so pretty early on. There are various issues that can cause internal feedback, and this could be happening too.

But in any case, and there may be other scenarios I’ve forgotten, the answer is always to go back and have your hearing professional look at the aids and see what is going on. In this day and age, and with the technology available there is no excuse for having a hearing aid that whistles all the time.