Crackling noise in both ear

My left ruptured eardrum is still healing until i had a cold last week .the cold went but theres a crackling sound whenever i try to swallow saliva although i dont notice while im eating . i have a tinitus in left ear now this crackle sound is making my life miserable . Did any body share the same experience as i am having ? Its getting me anxiety and stress. Ill be grateful for any reply #

I’m not much help, but at least you know your are being read. I lost hearing in my left ear a month or so back and it lasted for about a month. I did no seek medical aid as was suggested on this forum. I do not know of any cold or allergy accompanying the loss (couldn’t even hear the positioning bell when one turns on and places in ear), and my poor hearing came back. I now do some wax cleaning at least once a week, and no more using “Q” tips. That said,I also have had past experiences of distortion in the right ear, and while lasting for a week or more, it too has passed. Best wishes you find a cure.

Thank you jerry_NJ thank you for your wishes 1 love brother :v: i hope it goes away this thing is making my hard . people say ita eustachian tube dyfunction or ear wax i dont know what is happening but iits like a popping sensation whenever i swallow …
Does anybody have been through this ? Sharing would be appreciated :pray:

Yes! I read this and yes I have same issue. Popping when swallowing, crackling when loud noise, ringing in ears. I never really sought to get this looked into. I thought I was the only one. I’d be interested in finding out more though.

How did you got this daffy? If u dont mind and have u seen any doctor so far


I can think of two things that might cause it:

  1. A broken or intermittent wire going to your Receiver.
  2. Water in your ear canals. Get some Q-tips and gently push them into your ear canal. Pull them out and see if they are damp. If they are repeat doing that util you get a dry one.

It could also be wax. Follow your doc’s directions and clean them out. Or there are drops you can buy at a drug store.

In my case I use diluted Hydrogen peroxide. You can get it off the shelf at a drugstore. I dilute it just a bit and use an ear syringe to put drops in my ear until it is full. I let it foam and bubble for a while and use the ear syringe to blow warm fresh water in the ear hopefully blowing out some wax. You can repeat this once and then gently use a few Qtips to pull any water out of your ear.
Remember that you need to be REALLY CAREFUL and gentle putting a Qtip in your ears.

If you have any injuries in your ears or a punchered eardrum don’t do what I do!