Covid bummer

I have a little tablet and a little keyboard too.

My laptop isn’t working right so they’ll just have to do.

I cannot visit chat rooms ‘cause the software doesn’t click.

But texting’s fun and mail will run so I can still share pix.

This lockdown is a PIA; we gotta keep some space.

But cams and apps help fill the gaps for talking face-to-face.


Lol i like this

Whats wrong with pc. Maybe i can help you as long as its not hardware. If its software it’s pretty simple for me. Hardware is more complicated and i dont want to guess and get you to spend money.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thought it might bring a few smiles while reminding myself to count my blessings. Thanks for the offer about the computer, but I have it in for repairs already. The keyboard has to be replaced; possibly the USB port on the left side as well. And, of course, the malfunction occurred just as the extended warranty expired. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: