Covid-19 and Better Hearing Month

May is Better Hearing Month!:ear:Ironically, Covid-19 has added some challenges for hearing at this time. Learn about the ear “tangle” and other difficulties that masks, glasses, and hearing loss can create from an audiologist perspective:

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Never knew the mask would fog up my glasses. Makes me wonder when I see a doctor standing over a patient scalpel in hand wearing a mask and glasses.

That’s why there is a strip of wire in them to bend around your nose in the standard surgical mask. If a FFP3 style mask is fogging up then it’s the wrong size. Very easy to put surgical masks on upside down if you’re not aware that they have a nose wire

Well that would mean everyone on the planet doesn’t know about the wire strip. Because the foggy glasses seems to be the number one complaint I hear . I appreciate your advice and using soap on the lenses does help somewhat but I’ve pressed down on the metal strip and I still hear fog horns.

Nothing completely stops fogging with a plain surgical mask but most hospitals have air conditioning which does help.