Course on fitting formulas on Audiology Online

Just watched a course on fitting formulas on Audiology Online. Though presented by a Starkey employee, Starkey wasn’t mentioned even once. Gave a history of fitting formulas, types, and details about some of the more popular ones. As someone curious about how fitting formulas work, I found it worthwhile. I don’t know if it is new, or has been up a while.


Do you a link to this course?

You have to be a member of Audiology Online to view it. I understand membership is free if you don’t want the credits that are offered. I have listened to several really good articles there.

What’s the exact name of the course if you can check?

Fitting Formulas: History, Principles, and Clinical Applications

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Change the name from resound to phonak, widex, starkey, signia to find online tutorials specific to your brand of HA