Couple of questions on Connexx 8.0 (Rexfit)

Looking for some help. Feel free to direct me to a specific source. I’ve listened to Rexton’s fitting videos on audiology online and also looked at Siemen’s/Signia’s material on Connexx. 1) The Rexton video directs one to use the loudness tab when making changes in gain. I took that advice but I guess I don’t understand how it works as when I click on an arrow to increase gain in one handle, it’s common for it to take multiple clicks before any number (decibels of gain) changes, and even when it does change it’s often in an adjacent handle.
2) When it saves a session, it seems to save 2 sessions at the same time. The differences I see are that one session is made of two parts:Right/Left and the other session(nearly identical time stamp) has Left/Right. Oddly enough there are some differences in gain between the two sessions. I truly don’t get it. Yeah, I know I don’t know what I’m doing. Feel free to tell me that, but explanations or pointing in me in a useful direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Making progress. Adjusting gain seems to work best to first start with moving the 65 db curve to approximately where one wants it with emphasis on keeping things smooth looking. Then adjust soft sounds and loud sounds by clicking up or down on gain settings. to stay within the volume control range. Still no clue to why it saves two sessions, but I feel like I’m making progress to the point where I think I’m making things better.

Where did you get Connexx 8? I’m looking to tune my own Siemens hearing aid as well.

Sivantos (formerly Siemens) puts out different versions of Connexx. I have the Siemens version but need the Rexfit database that comes with the Rexton version. As for the download link, I found it here somewhere and it was an .iso.