Couldn't understand movie dialogue but

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to rent one of the $.99 movies that Dish Network offered, True Grit. I wanted to see it while in theaters but we never made it there.

We were watching the movie and I noticed I was having a hard time understanding the dialogue. I adjusted the HAs first to speech in noise then to the music program. I was doing a little better but I really had to concentrate.

I was thinking that maybe this is just the way it’s going to be from now on. Then my wife, who has perfect hearing, asked “can you understand what they are saying, I can’t make out a word they are saying”. She watched about half of it and went to bed.

So it’s not ALWAYS just us who have a hard time. My hearing aids were actually doing a pretty good job.

Do you have TVEars? My hearing loss is mild-moderate, and iwear them when at home, esp watching movies.

We generally run the closed caption on all the movies.

Too bad. My wife and I rented the movie on DVD from a Blockbuster kiosk a couple of weeks ago. Good movie. I recommend it! (The Cohen bros always do a good job)

It was a very good movie. We have access to it for several days so I think she will finish it one day this week.

No, I do not have TV ears but I have heard good things about them.

I usually forget to turn on closed captioning and I don’t really like it, but sometimes I use it.

Closed caption can be a life saver. Did you get a speech comprehension score with your last hearing test. If speech comprehension is low enough then there is little or nothing that will help make it better, making closed caption essential. My comprehension scores are in the 40’s which means I’m not going to understand the words at least 60% of the time. Facing a person, reading lips, carrying on conversations in a quiet environment all help. Movies can be very difficult because you rarely see a persons mouth as they speak. Movie theaters are pretty much a thing of the past, which is why the DVD with closed captioning is great. You just have to wait until the movie is a forgotten memory for most of the world before you can see it.:frowning: