Could COVID-19 be the end of the Roger Pen

I’d think twice now about buying a Roger Pen, since we are now living in a different times with the Coronavirus. For the most part the Roger Pen has not gotten good reviews (from users) and its very expensive. Yet now with so called self mandated “six feet” away barrier between people how are you going to use the roger pen? In fact I doubt anyone would want to hold a Roger Pen any where near someone’s else’s face in these stressful times. Doing so risk alienating the other person and possibly ending a conversation very quickly. Better to spend you hard earned money on HA’s alone and leave the expensive accessories on the sidelines.

Thank you for your cheery messages!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Looks to me like 2/3rd of the suggested use-cases in that manual are still socially and immunologically acceptable.

As a TV or a your-phone enhancer, no issue. (True, there are cheaper ways to get a TV into your ear.) As a mini-shotgun mike you can stand further from a talker. As a meeting-table mike you don’t have to lean-in or ask everybody to sit close together.
The two no-nos are asking someone else to hold/hang your Roger. And of course top-left is still valid for a very common use: your wife/husband/lover/child who you live with this month.

Here are the facts about the Roger pen since the post is incorrect.


This will be over and behind us and we will have forgotten about it by the end of the summer. I am someone that refuses to thing negitive thoughts only positive thoughts and that is what keeps me healthy.


Closing as this discussion seems far-fetched to me. Roger Pen can be worn around the neck of the speaker you want to hear using the lanyard; you don’t have to stand up-close to them and hold the microphone near their mouth.