Cotton feeling in one ear


For the past 8 months I have had a feeling in left ear like there was cotton in it. Also if I get up fast I get dizzy or my head spins. Loose balance easily also. Went to the VA Had MRI, neck scan,water board test, Neurologist, ENT and primary care doctor who says I have chronic Vertigo. The Vertigo is a symptom. No one can come up with a cause. The ENT doctor wants me to use a Qtip and put sorisis cream in it. He thinks I may have a slight infection in the ear. Doctor GOOGLE says that if you have profound hearing loss (which I have in Both ears) or if you have tinnitus (which I have) either can cause a cotton feeling in your ears. Doctors do not like to hear what doctor GOOGLE says so they all say no that cannot happen. IF Doctor GOOGLE is correct then VA would have to pay me more money and I know they hate doing that so they continue to say they do not know the cause. Has anyone in this forum had the cotton feeling and dizziness?




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Answered this but cannot find out where it went



seems to work now so I will answer again. they put a shield over your eyes that does not allow you to see out but you have to keep your eyes open so they can monitor your eye movement. They shoot cold and hot water into your ears. Makes you dizzy. Whole test takes about 3 hours.



Holy crap. Wow. Thanks for the answer. I think I’ll pass. I hope I won’t ever need the procedure.



Here’s a brief description:



Thanks I did not know what it was called I think I had the other test also.



It is not painfull It is just a weird test. They said it came back normal.



What is the feeling? Tickle? A sound?



It feels like there is a wad of cotton stuffed into your ear. It makes it harder to hear and everything does not sound right. your own voice sounds different and other people voices sound different.



A blocked eustatian tube commonly causes a stuffed ear feeling with changed (muffled )sound. Holding the nostrils while blowing often clears it. Check Google for complete details. The dizzy feeling when standing is a common happening if blood pressure is low. Solution is to rise slowly and stand still half a minute until the head feels right. I have had both conditions and these solutions work for me.



Thanks for the info. I have tried holding nostril and blowing and it does nothing for the cotton stuffy feeling. I rise slower now and it does help.