Costco's Trial Period and Return Policy

Is there a limit on how many HAs you can trial and return at Costco?
I am trialing the K6s now but I don’t like them. I want to try the Phonak Brio next and then the Traxx 42 if I don’t like the Phonak Brio.

Why not throw in the Bernafon and try all the brands they carry? :slight_smile: That will be OK with Costco. However, if you return to one you’ve trialed, I believe the day count continues rather than resetting. Otherwise one could get by with never really ending trials.

What I was told at Costco that you return the aids you have, get a refund, and pay for new HA and your trial resets. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen as I pick up my first set of HA tomorrow.

Wondering myself as thinking about the Trax42 as that seems popular on here. I do like the KS6 but wondering if the Trax42 would work better, but if not I’d want to return to the KS6.

I trialed both the KS6 and the Trax, and at least at my Costco, the trial period was separate for each pair of aids and started with the day I got them (as opposed to the day I ordered them). Since I didn’t try it, I have no idea if I could have gone through every aid they have and at 90 days each had a year or so of free hearing aids. As it was I had more than 5 months (my trial overlapped and I “owned” both the KS6 and Trax for 3 weeks). My guess is a lot would depend on the particular audi and store.

Sixburgh - one reason I had both aids for the 3 weeks was I didn’t want to turn in the KS6, try the Trax, and then realize I preferred the KS6. It seemed like such a waste to turn in a perfectly good pair of KS6 knowing they’d be trashed, try the Trax, and then decide to go back to the KS6 and get another new pair of those. My audi had no problem with me having two sets on trial at the same time, but of course I had to pay for both for that period. The combined price of the 2 didn’t add up to as much as the first audi I saw wanted for Widex.:slight_smile:

As mentioned, you can trial both and return to the KS6 should you decide. However, the KS6 trial will resume with the trial days that were remaining when you turned them in. At least that how my Costco computed it. I only had days left when I switched from the KS6 to the Trax; so when I went back to the KS6, I was basically committing to them.

You are the only one that can determine what is best for you. You’ve got the opportunity to do so. Why not give it a go? If you don’t, you’ll always wonder.

Thanks KenP. I guess part of me always feels bad about returning stuff, someone picks up the cost. Yes I’d always wonder, that is for sure.

Well, I don’t have access to manufacturer or clinic books. What I have is hearsay from remarks from those in the industry here. Returning to the manufacturer is a common action across the board. Seems to be built into the business plan. I’d thought that they just put them in a new case after a sterilization. Rasmus corrected me on that saying that they were scrapped. Hardware cost have to be an insignificant component. A cellphone has more hardware and the cost of them can be quite low. R&D can be played in a number of ways to make it look more or less costly.

Looking at those that are public, they are making a fine profit even with the returns they allow. Costco’s program probably leads to more returns than a clinic has. But the manufacturers seem eager to be represented there.

I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. Costco sure doesn’t.

Part of the American market structure is based on the concept of returns. The manufacturers and retailers build it into their cost structure. The concept is, if I allow you to return an item you are not happy with, you will be more likely to purchase that item to begin with. It helps them to get past the “doubt roadblock.” So really, product returns are a win/win situation. You feel safer purchasing an item, knowing you can get your money back if not happy. The retailer is more likely to get your money, because they’ve guaranteed your satisfaction.

Hearing aids have traditionally had a restocking fee. Costco is now applying the above concept, along with deep discount pricing, to hearing aids and I think it is working very well for them. Take advantage of it.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, you commented that “someone picks up the cost,” but the cost is already built in. Never, ever feel bad for returning something.

Guys, thanks for the feedback.