Costco wont set up KS10 for AmpCROS

My recent Costco tests show my hearing level is 25% in L ear and 75% in right. Costco HIS said I needed a BICROS device and said to see a Dr. Of audiology who specializes in them. I had seen lots of discussion on AmpCROS and asked her to sell me a pair of KS10s and set them up as a AmpCROS. The HIS didn’t seem to know anything about AmpCROS and said the only way sound from a specified side could be fed to both sides was while using a phone via bluetooth. Also said Costco does not allow any setups like this because that would be using it as a “medical device” which is not allowed. So disappointing. Maybe Costco Rose might have some input on this dilemma

Costco 2021-08-06 Audiological Evaluation_Redacted.pdf (1.0 MB)

Why I wonder, could you post your audiogram,this would be very helpful for everyone to help.

Even though your left side is just 25% you still have some hearing, just wondering where that 25% is spread across what frequencies.

Thanks Tencan. Just did.

I can’t imagine why you need a CROS device with that audiogram and WRS of 90 and 100%.
Assuming US dollars, the price does not seem to be for KS10 as those are $1499.

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I believe the total included FL state tax.

I believe medical devices are exempt from Florida’s 6% sales tax.

I think that is the price for Rexton BiCore LI aids…so maybe BiCore not BiCross

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If you add your audiogram to your avatar, other forum members can easily refer to it in any discussion of your hearing without having to find and open the PDF attachment in your OP in this thread - the audiogram will be available wherever you post on the forum. Jabra Enhance Pro fitting failure (just one of many blurbs by various users on how to add audiogram to avatar).

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Sorry, I can’t (Edit: change “find” to read") it.

I appreciate all who have responded and the suggestions made. As far as audiograms and price info and other such, I can only say that the hearing in my left ear has been severely impacted in a matter of 4 days. High doses of steroids and multiple costly sessions of 2 atmosphere pure oxygen failed to stop the loss. I know my left ear only slightly perceives sound mostly higher hz and that with significant distortion as experienced when listening to a tweeter connected to a amp that is overdriven. For discussion purposes none of that matters. My question is does anyone have any experience getting Costco cooperation in setting their ks10 as a AmpCROS? Thank you.

OK, it sounds like you’ve had a SSHL and the audiogram and WRS you posted doesn’t likely reflect reality. My only thought is that perhaps specific directions from your ENT MIGHT persuade Costco to set things up differently than their standard approach.

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Well the title says Costco won’t but after reading the thread it sounds more like Costco can’t

Thank you. My Costco audiologist is actually doing that, (refering) for a dedicated and costly BiCROS instrument. But I have read that it is better to keep the affected ear stimulated hence my hope is to use a pair of KS10s in a AmpCROS config.

The Costco specialist did a great test but then sent me to ENT for BiCROS as he said he couldn’t help me either.
Hubby goes to Costco for his aids but I had to spring for the big bucks.

It can be done, a quick google search shows that Phonak HAs can be set up for AmpCROS, as a few other brands as well, Signia, Starkey.
But reading into this there are a few downsides, possibly of some interest is these.

Good luck


Thanks Tencan. That was good info and a helpful ĺink.

FYI, the ks10 is not locked to Costco. If they can’t/won’t set it up, any audiologist that works with phonak can.

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This is true, but I don’t think OP has had any professional think this is a good idea. I don’t understanded the pluses of minuses of the different approaches (other than the AmpCROS would be a lot cheaper)

Thanks MDB. My view was to get a device that provided some benefit to the bad ear while passing that sound over to the better side. This hopefully might provide beneficial stimulus to the deficient ear instead of letting it and all aural related systems atrophy. From what I understand, a BICROS is mostly a mic that transmits to the better ear. I have decided to take the least costly route and buy a pair of KS10s in spite of Costco’s refusal to set them up as a AmpCROS. Maybe down the road there may be a policy change that will allow it. Thanks again.

Don’t forget that DIY is always a possibility, Phonak target software is available and a Noahlink wireless is easily got from eBay, plenty of people from right here on hearingtracker to help you along if you wanted to go this route.

Good luck