Costco vs Sam's Club HA


I have read a number of threads and responses that mention go to Costco. My problem is I live in a small town and we have Sam’s Club but the nearest Costco is 90 miles away.
Are Sam’s Club HAs just as good or they a poor substitute?


Costco offers several manufacturers aids at a number of price points. The Kirkland Signature 8 is a great value, as are the others they offer.

From what I’ve seen, the Sam’s Club aids are the same as what’s offered online by “America Hears.” Having worn America Hears aids in the past, and looking at the latest offerings, they aren’t competitive in the market; over-priced and under-featured.


I would absolutely drive the 90 miles.


I agree with the other reviewers. I first looked at Sam’s Club and then went to Costco. Helped that both were within 10 miles of my home. Sam’s had one brand that I did not recognize, whereas at Costco I had several brands and models to choose from with lower prices (as I recall ~$1000 less), 3 yr warranty, and 181 day return policy. So, make the drive.


I guess I will make the Trek to Costco.


Hi PK,
I have the same issue. Sam’s is close, Costco, more than an hours drive. I’ve worn HA’s for years. I went to Costco and got the Signature 8’s. Low priced at $1700/pair. Much cheaper than the big named HA’s. Compares very well with the higher priced. Prior to making the trip, I called up, made an apptmt. and made sure they would fit me and out the door same day. FYI, it may pay to get the Costco credit card which appears to give a 3rd year warranty on the HA’s at no cost to you. I hated the fact that I had to pay $60 for a Costco membership, but when I got there the guy talked me into an upscale $120 membership which I believe is a money back guarantee on that membership if it does not pay back in a year. For me I found, so far, that the extra $60 is not worth the price, so I would turn it down if I were to go again. Be sure to check out what other say about the Costco Sig 8’s. Example, I was not happy with the domes they provided and changed them to something else. Minor change, but makes my HA’s more comfortable. Good luck!


Nah the enhanced membership is only worth it if you buy lots of stuff there.


All Costco stores here are 2 hours away but we have a local Sam’s Club with no hearing center.

The latest (& best) Costco I just went to purposely does not do testing and fitting in the same appointment because both take a lot of time to do properly. Did your Costco do the speech recognition tests? Did they use their Real Ear Measurement equipment to verify your fitting by placing microphones in your ears?


My fitter won’t do REM. If I recall correctly, a post stated that Corporate Costco claims they do REM. Some do some don’t.


My advice is to call around to find another Costco. After 2 failed attempts to get good results that’s what I did.

I think the REM query could also point to those who are more thorough in testing & fitting.


I have that. My yearly rebate check is usually over $200.


It is a good idea to check out 2-3 Costco’s in the neigborhood before buying. One of them might have a very good HIS which will make all the difference. I have had speech recognition tests done, but in all my years of wearing HA’s, only one (a very senior audiologist at that) offered to do REM, and so, I dont really consider it a gamechanger for me. I found the 6 month return period very useful for me. I also shop a lot at Costco and always had their executive membership for the additional privileges (though the cashback vs fees are not much different from each other).


Your experience is the opposite of mine over the years. I guess a huge YMMV caution.

In my experience, my absolute worst test was from am audiologist who teaches audiologists at a local college. After the test, he tried a couple of analog aids before passing me off to his “digital expert” audiologist. Her fitting was so bad, the analog aids worked better. I left them paying for just the custom molds they tried.

My next worst is a tie between a freshly trained audiologist who knew my experiences better than me and an audiologist new to Costco from his business. During our preliminary discussion he defaulted my aids without telling me so he could “start fresh”. I ended up going back to a previous Costco to get old settings restored.

My best testings have been from HIS interns. I guess they take more care since they KNOW they do not know it all.

I am not against education but my experiences run counter to more education == better results.

I read recently that federal law requires only audiologists enable tinnitus functions. I expect that is why Costco aids are missing that feature.