Costco UK membership requirements


I’m sorry, but why does Costco UK limit their membership to specific professions?? That seems really awful. Costco is certainly a shop for people with money, but to limit by profession is . . . bold.



A very good question, Neville. Wish I knew.
Their loss. Amazon it is! :joy:

Actually, I’ve read several reports that Costco here in the UK isn’t that much (if any) cheaper than Amazon. And you don’t have to end up buying ten tonnes of bog rolls with nowhere to store it! :laughing:

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I am thinking of the business membership, the only kind I have ever had. I stand corrected on the personal membership. That seems to have triggered Neilk a bit.



Actually, I had the black Executive card for $60 more. Gave you more on money back, cost more. Is that what you consider the “Business” membership? When I bought my membership they suggested trying the “Executive” membership saying I could get the difference refunded in a few months if it did nothing for me. I had no special qualifications, was just a lowly tech support rep as I still am. I wasn’t spending enough to make it worthwhile, so I cancelled the Executive membership and went with the basic membership. I still have and use the black Executive membership card as they said keep it and never replaced it. It makes no difference, except I don’t get the “Executive” extras as they go by your name not by the card you carry. Go figure :joy:

Didn’t “trigger” me, I just never was asked for anything special, never had to prove who I was, was just given membership because I walked in the door and said I wanted membership to buy hearing aids, my last pair not the current ones. Have been a member ever since and use it mainly for the lower priced gasoline. Oh, what triggered me is that you said there were special requirements in the US just to get a card. Maybe California is unique?



I think this is what was meant by business membership:



The reason Costco limit their membership in the UK is because they are classed as a Wholesaler. This means that a maximum of 30% of sales can be to the general public. They have to find a way to restrict sales, so this is why they limit it.

I believe it’s possibly also something to do with land use - where the sites are situated. I’d have to read up on that to be sure. Just answered this off the top of my head.

I remember hearing about this restriction years ago.

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A lot of UK companies offer their employees Costco membership, I worked for the NHS before retirement, All I had to do was show my hospital ID card, and pay the annual fee. I certainly was not a doctor or surgeon, just a humble electrician.

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There’s nothing “humble” about being an electrician.
In fact, it is quite a “shocking” job. :smile:



There is one simple rule to remember if you are an electrician. “Never let the smoke out”. Electricity works with a magic smoke built into every electrical device. Once you let that smoke out, they are toast!

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And very nice toast it is, time and time again!