Costco TV Streamer for KS-9 HAs

I recently bought a Costco TV Streamer with my new KS-9 HAs and have a few questions. First are they BT verses what the old Compilot streamer for my Brio-1 used? Next the only adjustment for it using the myPhonak app is a slider to adjust the amount of sound coming from the surrounding room and the sound from the optical out of my tv which is plugged into the streamer. The streamer works BUT with a large amount of bass which I find overwhelms speech on the TV programs. Is there a way for me to adjust the bass setting for the streamer or does the Costco tech do this; hopefully without affecting the over the air HA sound. When I had my old Brio-1 HAs (with no direct BT and other nice features of the KS-9) I had a Compilot TV streamer which worked better for TV speech from the optical out. thanks.

They use airstream which is basically proprietary bt stripped down.

You can only adjust what you already saw.

But, your fittter can adjust further, it will affect all streaming, but only streaming (media, also can be separately adjusted for media speech or media music), so it won’t touch autosense or manual programs you have, nor BT call streaming. Just make notes and explain to your fitter what bothers you / you want.

I find optical nice since that volume works independently even if we turn off the soundbar or lower/raise TV volume.

Didn’t try regular 3.5 jack though.

The analog is the same as digital as far as adjustments and volume. If the tv has base control that may effect the output to the streamer.