Costco Signature 9 didn't work for me

3 months ago, was tested at Costco. Real ear was done. Aids were unlistenable. Sounded like huge piercing peak in the 2k to 3k range. Returned 3 times for adjustment. Each time better, but nowhere near right, even though rep was very patient. That peak was always there. 2nd real ear measured same as first. Also, any frequency above about 1800, sounded with a gurgling noise. Returned for full refund 2 months later. I’m thinking of going back to see if their other models might work better. Good idea?

It would help if you could post your audiogram

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What model of hearing aid did you get? Also - what @cvkemp said: audiogram?

Says in the title. KS9.


Doh! :expressionless:Thanks, Zebras. Good to see you!

I’m looking for it. May have misplaced it.

To answer your question, Yes, I think it would be a good idea to try another hearing aid. If it were me in your shoes, I’d try the Phillips. My take is that people who are sensitive to “sound quality” seem to like them.

Thanks. Phillips doesn’t seem to one of the more well known brands.

It’s made by Wm Demant, the same company that makes Oticon. I think Costco is the only seller in the US, but they are sold in other countries.


Thanks for the info.

Went back to Costco yesterday. Saw the specialist who tried so hard, unsuccessfully, to get the Signature 9s working right, for me. I returned them for a full refund, in April. Tried and ordered their newest Philllips rechargeables. Since my old aids–Siemens 300s, from 8 years ago, were working so poorly, I asked if he could supply me with loaners, for the 2 week wait. He did, and they are also Phillips, with batteries, but very much the same as the ones I ordered. I have to say, they are absolutely fabulous, and this is prior to real ear measurements., which will make them even better. Really lookin forward to this.

My hat’s off to Costco Harrisburg.

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