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I spoke with my fitter at the Lewisville, TX Costco, He heard ‘rumors’ about the Bluetooth HAs. At $3700, it’s not worth it to me to replace an $85 headset for another $1700. Because my 90s isn’t up, I was thinking of returning the ones I got for the newer ones. Most likely I’m going to keep them.



I agree with you. I find these GEM 12s comfortable both in and behind the ear with the 10mm open domes. My car has integrated bluetooth in the NAV system, and I can wear a BT headset with these aids. Almost double for bluetooth (and a larger BTE aid that isn’t RIC) isn’t worth it to me.




I saw on another thread that you got the remote from Costco. They quoted me around $85 for it. Is it worth it to you? What do you do with it? How big is it?



The only thing the remote adds that you can’t do with the button on the aids is control the volume. With the button on the aids or the remote you can select programs and mute the aids; with the remote you can also change the volume.

As far as size, it’s a car key remote on steroids. It’s 1.5 inches wide by 3 inches long by .75 inches thick. By comparison, my car remote is 1.25 by 2.25 by .5 inches.

I do use the volume control, such as to lower the volume when I’m in the office. I also find trying to locate the button on the aid a little tough. But having one more thing to carry around can get to be a nuisance for some people.

And yes, it was $85 plus tax. It includes a belt clip, which I don’t use, and a silicone cover, which I’m undecided about. The cover gives me a better grip on the remote, but it makes it slightly thicker in my pocket, and covers up the green light that blinks when you push a button.



Just to clear up some misinformation here, perhaps a misunderstanding … T-coil and Blue-tooth do not relate to each other. Blue-tooth must be supported by the chip-set. T-coil is a completely separate thing and does not indicate Blue-tooth or the possibility of it at all. T-coil has been around long before Blue-tooth came into being.



But there are things like the Artone which has bluetooth to connect to a cell phone or other device that has bluetooth, but a neckloop to connect to the t-coil in the aid. Hence the aftermarket bluetooth solution and t-coil. But the Costco aids being discussed in this thread (Rexton GEM 12s) don’t have a t-coil, and don’t offer bluetooth to connect to a wearer’s cell phone, etc.



These aids have neither T-Coil or any form of wireless streaming. The only wireless communication is between them (and/or the remote) to change the program (or volume).



Just an update on my experience with the Costco Rexton Gem 12s.

I’ve been wearing them now 11 days, and like them quite a bit. I did start experiencing some soreness in my left ear with the 10 mm open domes, probably because I hold a phone to that ear and press on the tubing/wire.

Last Thursday I stopped by Costco and picked up a pair of 6 and 8 mm open domes, and tried them both. Both are comfortable, and the tubes settle in and seem to stay in place, but the 6 mm domes (basically just a wax guard over the receiver) make me feel like the aids aren’t being held sufficiently to my ears.

Long story short, the 10 mm are too big, the 6 mm are too small, and the 8 mm are just right. :stuck_out_tongue:



I was about to return my Revo Plus HA’s and try the Gem 12 when it was suggested that I wait until March 2 when Costco starts selling the Cobalt with bluetooth. I was not happy with the REVO plus. I thought there was too much background noise and I did not like the remote. The remote periodically failed to work and there are no controls on the aids to change programs or volume. Also the fit was terrible - They fell out of my ears on two occasions.

What I would like to do is try the GEM 12 - Most all comments that I read indicate that the GEM 12 is the best hearing aid value. Considering that they are priced some $1400.00 less than the REVO PLUS and and I guess at least that much less that the Cobalt I am leaning toward the GEM 12.

I am so grateful for the comments made in this web site. I would not have had a clue what to discuss with the audiologist without them. Thanks to all.



aspencreek, keep us informed on what you decide to do. Looking at the Cobalt, it appears to use a 312 battery, making it somewhat larger than the Gem 12 which uses a 10 battery.

It also looks like you can get a recharger and rechargeable batteries with the Cobalt. It’ll be interesting to see how Costco packages and prices the Cobalt.



Costco Cobalt Bluetooth aids being discussed here:



I got the Rexton GEM 12 WITH REMOTE from Costco a week ago today. (Both aids started beeping with a low battery last night and I’ll put in new ones this morning.)

A noticeably improvement over the Interton Digital in the ear aids that I got 3 years ago from Costco. Comfortable though one ear I have a problem with the “receiver” not easily placed where it will stay in. Yesterday I replaced the 8 mm dome with a 6 mm one and that may help.

The REMOTE works well and w/out it you can’t control the volume. If you are concerned about people noticing that you have hearing aids and don’t want to mess with the behind the ear control to change program, I just carry the remote in a pocket and keep it off so I don’t accidentally press something and can reach in my pocket and flip the switch to on and move through the programs. If you carry a purse the remote should work from within your purse.

So far I am pleased with the behind the ear aids. I need one in my left ear adjusted next week when I return for a follow up to see if the peaks of voice can be adjusted to remove some peaks of noise on them…perhaps attenuate the highs a bit more…?

It is HARD TO BEAT the Costco 90 DAY no questions asked return. I do not think that the Costco return anytime if not satisfied policy applies to the hearing aids but using your Costco AMEX (or other AMEX with a guarantee coverage) card will increase the guarantee by another year if I understand things correctly.

A friend with very severe hearing loss became very good friends with his audiologist who gave him high end aids for 1/3 of the list price. He said that the audiologist told him that the markup on hearing aids is 400% or more. :eek: :eek:



I was at Costco today, and stopped by the Hearing Aid Center to see if they had the Rexton Cobalt 16 on sale. They did, and a pair with the Blu RCU remote and cables is $3700. From the specifications, the only difference I could see from the Gem 12 is 4 more channels and one more program memory.

The Cobalt 16 can use the 55 and 65 dB receivers, whereas the Gem 12 uses just one receiver, the 45 dB. Those needing more power in an RIC could benefit from this. The fitter did say that for the higher power receivers she usually recommends a custom micro-mold.

The Cobalt 16 uses a 312 battery, and it looks smaller than I expected. Imagine the Gem 12 on steroids - same form factor but puffed out a bit. With the 312 battery it is noticeably heavier than the Gem with the 10 battery. The thing I like with the Gem is the overall feel in and behind the ear, and that extra weight of the Cobalt might begin to reduce the comfort level over the course of a day (relative to the Gem, of course).

The remote is a re-branded TEK, and looks to be a bit larger than a deck of cards. I don’t know that I’d want to be keeping track of that thing every day. With it, in addition to all the bluetooth stuff, and program and volume controls, you have the ability to adjust the treble. That could potentially be useful.

Since I have integrated factory bluetooth in the car, and have no trouble with my home, office or cell phones the extra $1700 for just some extra tech just doesn’t cut it for me.

Oh, and you can get the recharger and batteries, but that’s another $85 more.

The Cobalt 16s also aren’t stocked in the store like the Gem 12s. It takes a couple or three days to get them in.



Anyone knows if Cobalt 16 have a Telecoil or is it FM compatible.



From what I’m seeing, it appears to have neither of these functions. But I could be wrong - it’s happened once before…:rolleyes:



I agree, no t-coil, no FM. Bluetooth.



What type hearing aids do you use it seem my hearing loss is same as yours and if you like it.



I’m currently wearing a pair of 6-year old Siemens ITC. But they’ve been dying a long, slow death. In the next couple of days my new Phonak Audeo YES with custom mold and power receiver will be delivered, so I can’t make an honest assessment yet.



Sounds like we have the same Audiologist - I have been wearing a pair of Rexton Plus’ for about on month - ($3,500) and the are not helpful. I have given up even trying. I finally got an appoint at my local Costco (thank goodness only a 5 mile drive) it is not that easy scheduling appointments. I decided not to test he new Colbart’s which are even more expensive. I am finally going to test the Gem Signatures. From what I read they seem the best overall choice.

I don’t think I could handle a 100 mile drive to get adjustments. Best of Luck to you.



I’m getting 5 to 6 days battery life with the Costco Rexton Gem 12’s, wearing them 12 to 16 hours a day. And I usually adjust the volume 2 to 3 times a day, and the program mode probably 3 times a day. I also put them in standby while they’re stowed away in a gym locker for 45 minutes to an hour.