Costco Rexton Trax 42 vs. Kirkland Signature 6.0

I just got back from my in-store trial of the Rexton Trax 42’s at Costco. I had previously trialed the Kirkland’s in store last week.

I did not commit to purchase either HA today- need more time to think it through. If I had an Iphone 6 I would have bought the KS6 today because of the convenience of built-in streaming with no extra instrumentation. The Audi. told me that they had fitted many people using the Iphone 5 with no reported issues she was aware of.

For me, the Trax may have had a slight edge in speech discernment in a fairly noisy environment. They also performed well on the phone test with me holding the phone away from my face with speaker on (my normal mode) and also with the speaker off and the phone next to my ear.

Rexton is offering the HA’s plus either the remote control or the battery dry/charging unit for $2,600. If I go with them I will buy the battery charging unit so I don’t have to fiddle with batteries for a year. They cost $28 to replace the set. The Audi. set my trial pair up with volume on left and programs on right.

When I asked how the two units compared for people with my hearing loss, she would only say that Kirkland has their own engineers and software and that it all depends upon the quality of what I am hearing. I wish that they had loaner units that you could take home because discerning small differences in a 20 minute walk around a busy store is very hard to do. I know that Costco Audis. are not on commission but I wonder if maybe they are strongly encouraged to keep the Kirkland sales count up? She did not mention the Rexton product to me, I had to ask.


My audi also thought the KS6 would be best for my loss. I don’t think it was to just sell the KS6. So far, I’d say she was right. I see little difference or advantage to to the Trax. That me and the ears I have left. Others might find one or the other beneficial. It is likely I’ll return to the KS6.

I got the remote but it is worthless as the Android App does controls better. The rechargable isn’t for me either. Batteries are cheap and the rechargables don’t always last a day as some have reported.

Ken, if i am understanding your reply you purchased the KS6 and you pair it with an Android phone? Do you wear a telecoil of some type to facilitate the bluetooth to android? Do the KS6 have toggles on them for manual adjustment of volume and mode?



There is a KS6 app that does program and volume changes without the Phone Clip +. That doesn’t stream the phone. The Trax has the telecoil but it doesn’t work with my phone and that seems often the case.

If you buy the PC+, you get more programming options and streaming to not only Androids but other Bluetooth devices.

Yay, I’m glad someone else also feels that there’s hardly any difference between the KS6 and Trax 42.

Also feels good saving $1800

Hey Padzy, interesting that you find little difference between the two. I have my in-store Trax 42 trail arranged for the week after next.

I really want the Trax to work for me as I am not happy with the KS6s - I am still struggling with voice recognition.

Deep down I feel the problem with the KS6s is more down to programming as I don’t think my hearing loss is too great - maybe it’s just complex?

However, how can you tell if the adjustments they make are the best possible for you? All I can do is keep going back for further tweaks - unless the Trax prove to be far better from the first fitting (I doubt it somehow).

Hi, im going to be trialling the Resound linkx2 product, the KS6 is based on the Linx 1 I believe, but apparently (according to some) there is little difference. other than the KS6 having the tinnitus facility disabled and some connectivity. I will be trailing the Trax42 in the next few months when they are released here in the uk. I will keep an eye on your trial, as my hearing loss is very similar, top and bottom going and major problems with speech in noisy environment’s…

Like you I am trying to see what the difference is and if its worth it for me. I’m currently using a set of tweaked resound verso’s and they struggle with the speech in sound bit. I programme them myself nowadays as my Audi couldn’t get it right.

Regards Ian

After trialing both of these in store, I ordered the Trax 42, and they will be here in a two weeks, according to the audi. The speech just sounding more natural and less tinny with the Trax. Got the free remote, no charger, no streamer. Like many others, I can watch TV in bed with earbuds or earphones for better sound, and have Bluetooth in my car for hands-free phone and music through Bose speakers. The Connexx Smart Remote on iPhone 6 works just fine with no streamer, and since it communicates with the Trax without Bluetooth, it doesn’t interfere with my car setup. My audi says he can hear the iPhone communication with the Smart Remote app, but I can’t hear it, so it must be a fairly high sound frequency. BTW, the audi didn’t know the smart remote app would work without the streamer, until I told him. He was excited, and thanked me for telling him, as he thought all iPhone communication with the Trax had to be via Bluetooth. Rexton is missing the boat not training Costco audis on the new Trax, as the audis tend to be more comfortable with the KS 6, and lean toward it first. The KS 6 also sounded very good. My audi agrees that the choice should hinge on which one sounds best to you, and of course price figures in there too. Will report back after using the Trax for a while. Guess I will just retire my America Hears RITE aids.

I ordered the Trax 42 yesterday. I was told that the rechargeable batteries cost $80. The regular batteries are in the $20 range. I didn’t even try the KS option because I was told you could not adjust volume remotely & I like the fact that I can recharge the pair each night. My insurance covers me for up to $3,000 so I figured why not go with the Trax? I will,have no out-of-pocket cost. With Costco’s 90-day return policy, I can always return them if I’m unhappy. The charger was free & I’ll use my iPhone 5S as the remote. I hope I’ve made a good decision.

Newbie going to Costco for a trial of the Trax & K6. What should I be looking for or at to make a good comparison?

I can’t guarantee you that this is the best way for you, but I would recommend the following:
•Take someone with you that you are used to hearing without aids
•Try walking around the store and just have a conversation
•Have your companion talk to you fairly softly from a position that is behind you (no lip reading or other verbal cues). Repeat what you think you heard
•Go to the front of the store where they usually have a small food service area. This is the closest that you can get to speech in noise conditions. Have a conversation with your companion and see how easy or difficult it is to have a conversation with other conversations taking place around you.

The difference, in my opinion, between the various levels of hearing aids is how well they perform in a noisy environment such as a restaurant. Most hearing aids come in at least three levels of performance. Costco seems to pick the highest level in each hearing aid line. Where you will see a difference is in really noisy environments. Costco is not the best place to test this, but the food service area is a fairly decent test. With your loss, a hearing aid is going to be an amazing experience. You won’t believe what you have been missing.

Joe, it is all personal choice with brands. You’ll be the only/best judge. While there has been a huge interest here in the Trax42, you may find one not even mentioned might suit you best. Take time and effort to decide. You’ll live with the results for 3-5 years.

I trialed both the Trax and KS6 and chose the KS6. For me, it was an easy choice.

Thanks Brad, Thats a good start. Joel

I’m going to in the future look real close at these two…as others have on this forum.

Everyone talks of how the HAs suit you…how well you hear with them. How much is good…or bad…on the programming of the HA enter into the picture. I’m wondering how many have thought one was better than the other, but little do they know, it’s whoever they are dealing with programming them correct or incorrectly. Does this in fact be a art of it, and how would you ever know?

I went to my appointment this morning at Costco, had to buy a membership first though. Funny thing is they up-sell you the $110 membership where you get a 2% rebate on all purchases for the year (plus it it doesn’t total the $55 extra you paid-they refund the difference)- in the case of the HA, the rebate is $52 of the $55 fee so it’s a no-brainer to pony up the front end load.

Anyway, the HA Tech agreed that the Trax42 should work well for me and she convinced me to get the size 13 battery instead of the 312 as even it is smaller than my Resound Airs. and the size doesn’t bother me. I declined the recharger and opted for the free remote- wasn’t offered any other choices. Smart connect is $250 she said (may check out ebay for that)

When I asked about the in-store demo she said they didn’t do that and besides they didn’t have working demo aids and besides that I would have 90 days to try them out.
When I asked her about the software, she said it was the normal Connexx but with a Costco proprietary protocol. She ssays she is completely familiar with it having been programming aids over 7 years. She did a much more complete testing than any Audi I have gone to in the last 10 years Except for the Mayo Clinic which is first rate in everything I’ve experienced.

Fitting appointment is in 10 days…

I just got back from Costco and tried the K6 and the Trax 42. The Trax appeared to work fine. But being a “Newbie” I’m not sure what fine means. The K6 on the other hand had problems for me. I got an echo effect that no one could get rid of. Several people worked trying to get rid of the echo to no avail. Bummer, $1000 more for the Trax 42. I am not sure if the K6 did not work for me because of the type of hearing loss I have or the people who tried to adjust them had inadequate training or ability. The latter would not make me a happy camper. I have ordered the Trax 42 and they will be in on the 21st of Aug. The adventure continues.

Hi I found the echo and clicking on my resound aids could be got rid off by turning compression down or off. Not sure what else I may have lost by doing it , but it worked for me.

Regards Ian

Hi firstly let me apologise for thislong winded post. Please bear with me; I think you will all find thisinteresting. I recently had the opportunity to trial someof the very top end (and some of the so called budget versions) of aids from2-3 manufacturers. All at the same time, place and conditions, thought i wouldshare my experience.
Main reason for doing this was to see if steppingup from the Resound Verso’s to the new Linx2’s and or changing to othermanufacturers, could i get any worthwhileimprovement with speech in sound. Was it really going to be worth spending extramonies to get that improvement? I have already spouted on in the forumshow we in the UK have to pay up to 4 times the cost of the same aids in the US,so let’s not go there. I had to pay £3500 for my current pair of Verso’s (around$7000). Now they sell the Linx2’s for £2800, ba-humbug.This is a short term test and tomake sure all were on as equal footing as possible, all aids (apart from myverso’s) were new out of the box. All set up to the same audiogram “mine” (ieven reset my hand tuned Resound Verso’s to manufactures first fit for a week,before these tests, to make it fair. Allaids were installed with similar or the (same in some cases) receiver RIE size3 standard or S receivers, with 10mm open domes. All were set up by the same experienceaudiologist (after performing the vast array of tests on me (their newcustomer). We had never met. All i will say is Cost-Co in Farnborough rocks. Testing carried out at the tillsand around the food hall, where most variations in noise and peoples speech waspresent.Remember this is a perceivedperformance test and not necessarily very scientific, it is relevant to myparticular hearing audiology and performance.However it does relate to a realperson, in a real environments, with a real hearing loss and real lifesituations / noise. Aids and perceived performance, was found to be as followsMy original aids - Resound verso’s961’s as a standard to compare other by. I have been complaining that these strugglewith speech in sound (especially in noisy environments). Resound Verso 961 - With low backgroundnoises, low, medium and high sounds mainly very natural. Tills alarms, highpitches sounds people close by talking, generally very natural with speechreasonably clear. However as background level increased, or more than oneperson spoke at the same time, i found it harder and harder to understand theirspeech. Loud low level noises, seem toflood out the higher speech, with F’s and S’s disappearing completely and lowervowels becoming blurred, to the point it was hard to comprehend anyone, otherthan someone very close and load.
Kirkland KS6 – Virtually the sameas my Verso’s, apart from some a very small amount of background noise. Alittle hissy sounding on my own voice. Other than that they performed as goodas my Verso’s. Good news is they are considerably cheaper than my Versos.
Trax42 – compared to the Verso’s,generally the quality of sound was richer, with mid tones being much fuller (morelike i used to hear). I would compare this to the difference in sound between vinylrecords and CD’s. High pitched sounds were a little brighter, but certainly notharsh. Speech in sound was clear and it not flood out so much, as thebackground level increased. Only when a set of had driers in the toilets cameon (with doors open) did they finally give up and all I could hear was thedriers. Overall I would say they performed better than the Verso’s, especiallywith speech in sound. As a point to note these cost less than price of my Verso’s.Linx2’s – Virtually identical tothe Trax42’s, possibly a little better on speech clarity (in very quietmoments). Definitely better at speech in sound than the Verso’s. Overall performanceI found to be almost identical to the Trax42’s, however these cost twice asmuch. Phonak Biro’s – on putting thesein i was immediacy taken back by the harsh high pitched level of noise. Allhigh noises were painful to the ears and low pitch sounds were nonexistent. Ireturned to the audiologist who changed the receivers, domes and did a refit tothe original audiology. This was a little better and reduced the high pitched squeals.However on test there was little improvement in sound quality, trolleyscrashing together were high pitched and painful. Tills beeping were highpitched stabbing points of sound. Speech was clear but over processed andclipping, especially when someone talked loudly or was very high pitched. Inall I could only stand these in for 5 minutes on each occasion. I tried 5 or 6 times,each with the same harsh results. Overall i would say these are pitched way toohigh for the standard audiogram. They sounded like someone had tuned the baseall the way down and the treble and volume all the way up, on a poor qualitytransistor radio. They might be ok forsomeone less concerning or with a more severe loss, but certainly not for me. Overall I would say the Trax out performed everythingexcept the Linx2. However the Linx2’s costs more than double that of the Trax.If you do not need to programme yourself, it’s a no brainer. All out performedthe Phonax, which in my opinion is only fit for the bin. If you are on a tight budget, then save up forthe Trax42 or the KS6. Yes it’s all a matter of opinion, and what is good forone is not the same for another. What i will say is find yourself a good audiologistwho will spend the time to explain and work with you.Regards Ian

I have been trialing the KS6 (also had a 2-week trial of the Widex 440 before that). Am just past the 60-day mark now and not wildly happy. Background noise is probably a much bigger problem for me than most people. I live a quiet life for the most part. The noisy restaurant situation that’s a problem for a lot of people only occurs for me once every month or two. When I’m home all day, I’m perfectly happy with my crummy hearing. But when I am out and about it’s become a bigger and bigger problem as I have trouble understanding sales clerks and other people in ordinary one on one situations.

The KS6’s do help, but not as much as I hoped. One on one works with most people but not everyone. Someone sitting beside me is not good at all. They are surprisingly good at the one monthly club meeting I attend where I could never hear the speaker or the people asking questions. However, the price of this level of improvement is hearing all sorts of things I don’t want to hear at a level I don’t want to hear it. Someone (Doubledown?) on one of these threads urged me to try the Trax 42, and today I did. Just the in store walk about, but the audi assured me the Trax were set to the same level as the KS6 (which she had just upped - I’m only reaching target level now). Dear Lord. It was as if the background noise just stopped. In the store they seemed to do as well with speech as the KS6’s, but I don’t think that’s a decent test.

So I ordered the Trax, and they should come in on the 29th, which gives me another 3 weeks with the KS6 to try to make a fair comparison. The audi has no problem with me having both pairs knowing I’ll only keep one, and it seems to me to enable a better comparison.

I understand custom molds would improve aided hearing for me, but I’m not willing to do that until I decide on the aids themselves, so right now it’s tulip domes.

Anyway, thank you to whoever pushed me to try the Trax before committing.

Oh, P.S. I don’t want rechargeable, and I was offered the choice of getting the new Trax form which allows the larger battery. The behind the ear piece is larger to accommodate the larger battery, and I decided against it. The small batteries haven’t been a problem for me in either the Widex or KS6’s.

Hi All,

I’ve been away from this forum for a year. I bought Costco KS5’s last year and have been pretty happy with them, particularly since they cost less than half what other vendors charge. Unfortunately, I just lost them** – which is another argument for minimizing the expense.

So it looks like I’ll be going back to Costco.

** How I lost the aids: I was hiking on a local trail on a windy day. I took the aids out & put them in my pocket because of wind noise. A couple hours later after I got home I could not find the aids. My pockets are fairly deep so it’s hard to imagine the aids falling out (unless they had stuck to my hand and dropped when I took the hand out of my pocket).

I went back to the trail – hiked it 4 more times looking carefully. I also put up a sign. So far, nothing. And then we had rain yesterday.