Costco Rexton Quintra

I’ve had my Quintra’s for a little more than a year. I would love to be able to make adjustments to try and maximize the sound quality as much as possible. Costco is great about appointments but it’s a 1/2 day event with drive time. I’ve had the Connexx software so I’m familiar with the settings but don’t see Quintra in the list of HAs. Does anyone know if the software will connect and program the Quintras if you had the cable to do so?

Costco has their own proprietary version of the Rexton Connexx software for their HAs. The regular Siemens and Rexton Connexx software will not recognize the Rexton Quintras. This has been discussed in other threads as well.

Maybe one day they’ll give us at least a little control of the various features. I typically look through the Strata 2c settings and adjustments in Connexx prior to an appt so I have a better understanding of possible adjustments.