Costco Returns

I have made an appointment with a different Costo for a Test and to Switch to the new Kirland Signature Premium 4.0. I was not happy with my current HAs (nor the Audi who recommended them).

The new HAs have a telecoil, size 13 battery (rechargeable or standard), and even with the best remote cost less than the ReSounds. I’m within my 90 day return. It will be interesting to see if they give me any grief when I make the switch.

I also asked about the cost of the rechargeables when they need replacing (after about a year?) - $30 for a pair (cheaper than I’ve seen on line, by about half).

Additional Question on 4/7/12: Does anyone have any experience returning aids to a different Costco (other than the one where you were fitted)? I’m trying to avoid a confrontation with the original Audi (we don’t seem to like each other much).

I’ve got an appointment next Monday to try them out too. The specs. look great and the price seems good too. Good luck.

I’m assuming you searched for and read the other Costco thread(s) on this topic, as it has been discussed before. At least one or two forum members have reported that Costco will take the aids back within the return period but may not agree to another trial of a different aid or allow you to switch Costco branches for another trial. At some point, and it may be after the first return, Costco will cut you off and refuse further hearing aid trials. It is their right, and they would do this because they think some people are money losers to deal with, and their goal is to keep their costs low. This may or may not be a Costco chain policy; it may vary depending which store or Costco audiologist you deal with. All you can do is try, and let other people know your experience. You always have other options, including Sam’s Club. I don’t think you should keep a hearing aid that isn’t right for you. Good luck.

I had a Costco hearing aid return. The return was just as painless as any other Costco return, and we immediately did the purchase of the new hearing aids. It would be a very strange situation for Costco to say we are not going to sell to you because you returned a pair of hearing aids. I don’t think that’s something most of us will have to worry about.

The returns go back to the manufacturer. Costco, or your local audiologist, doesn’t eat those returns. To make money they have to get you something you will keep, so that’s where their incentive lies, in keeping you happy with your purchase (not unlike every other audiologist shop).

This thread

that you participated in, Don, was the one I was thinking of. At least Kazan and nancyb were feeling what I was talking about. Customer experiences can of course vary. Different stores and different Costco audiologists will not respond as one. I’m glad your experience has been so positive, but a second trial from this Costco or another Costco may or may not be possible for this poster–that’s all I’m saying. I hope the poster will follow up and let us know how it goes.

Do you have information about the Warranty on this aid (2yr/3yr)? I picked up the marketing brochure when I made my appointment, but I see nothing in there about the Warranty period.

This could have changed since I’ve been in but a few months ago it was 36 months warranty, 24 months loss and damage.

I remember that discussion but I think that is probably an isolated incident (and one for which we may not have the whole story). It just doesn’t sound like a normal Costco situation. They are pretty enthusiastic about their return policy.

If I had any pushback (at Costco) about buying another hearing aid after returning one, I would complain to the GM of the local store, for a start. But, I wouldn’t expect any problems. They don’t make money until you buy and keep so if you return a pair that gives them some incentive to sell to you again.