Costco Resound VS70 - what are they really

I was a bit over a year ago that I joined this forum and decided on a pair of Costco Kirkland Signature Premium (Rexton Gem 12). I couldn’t adjust to them. Certain peoples voices - hysterical women - walking on a gravel road - and the sound of hearing my own voice (mechanical) led me to return them.

I don’t have my report at hand, but mine is slight to moderate high frequency loss but my day to day experience is not being able to hear conversations; particularly soft spoken or when folks have their back to me. As well as certain birds, etc. Most times but not always. There was not much of a change in my audio over the past year.

So I decided to give it another try and visited the fellow at Costco and he demo’d the above. I REALLY liked them. My voice sounded natural, etc., etc.

Turned out they couldn’t sell them that day. They were so new it wasn’t in there system.

Anyway, went back in 10 days (with a slight sinus problem/head cold which developed into a full blown - need cough meds/antibiotics sort of thing) and the tech used something additional called “Real Ear” to adjust/program the aides.

Difficulties. Some tinniness to the sound of my voice, etc. To compensate fro these issues he ‘turned down’ the aid (for lack of a professional term)

Well it turns out that they were not in stock :confused: and he had to order them. So I’m almost over my sinus thing and will make an appointment soon to have them fitted.

So, the above was a recap, but my real question is does anyone have any experience with these aids, no what the ‘real product’ from Resound is? Apparently, there are a number of new aids at Costco and this time I’m committed to sticking it out and to get adjusted to them. But is there another brand I should demo?

Thanks in advance

Looks like ReSound created a line for Costco. They look like the ReSound Live 9 products. I wonder if these are the Interton products re-branded. Interton is/was GN’s line of value priced aids.

Thanks Jay

Interton sounds familiar. They are 2600 for the pair.

I’ll be calling him to verify.

I found it interesting that you can get to the ReSound Vivid web page through the link from the Costco Hearing Aid page, but if you go directly to the ReSound page it’s not listed as a product.

Just spoke with my Costco tech, whom by the way I have high regard for, and he said it was the Resound Vivid Stratus (RIC).

Not Interton

BTW - price includes 3yr. warranty and 2yr loss + damage coverage

I am trying a pair of Resound Vivid HA’s from Costco. I was fitted today. So far the sound reproduction from these is far superior to the Siemen’s Life 700’s that Costo sells as their Kirkland Signature Premium’s. I tried those for a few days recently… they were ok but certain sounds didn’t come through clearly and directionality was just ok. The Resounds are far superior so far… they don’t offer a remote so the volume and program are manually set on the aid itself. I will let the board know how they work out. They’re more expensive than the Kirklands, but it’s well worth it. I’ve been wearing CIC Rexton’s for 5 years. I have moderate hearing loss… mid range mostly and it’s getting worse as I get older. I’m 60 now. These Resound Vivid’s may be the ticket though… better than anything I’ve tried to date. I did try the invisible Lyric’s a month ago… terrible sound reproduction and couldn’t be programmed properly. I only wish Costco would offer the smaller Dot2 Resounds, but they would probably be even more expensive. These are about $1499.00 apiece when all is said and done. Cheers.

I think it’s because these are last year’s models… or at least last year’s names. The Vivid Stratus is now the Live series I believe. Looks the same anyway. So far I like my Vivid’s that I was fitted for today at Costco. Sound reproduction is great… very natural and voices come through loud and clear in most situations. I may have to adjust that a bit… in a crowded store the backround noise tends to drown out a person’s voice… but that can be adjusted.