Costco ReSound Vida (Product Information)



I’ve had my RIC Resound Vida, Costco’s reduced feature version of the LiNX 3D, for about 2 months. There are 2 quirks that I don’t understand.

3 times, no iPhone activity, I’ve received 2 short beeps in the right aid. This is not the program change beep. Opening the app, aids were still in program 1, default settings (not separate control). This is also not the end-of-life battery warning. Any idea what’s going on? (Once, the program changed on its own???)

At least half a dozen times, watching TV in the evening, the output of the aids gradually falls; it is so significant that even at maximum app gain (13) and with the TV level raised to an uncomfortable level for my wife, I hear almost nothing. I tried all programs. I’ve used my older aids instead 2 of these times, which work ok. Any idea what’s going on?

The audiologist knows I’m dreaming these things up



Just found this after searching for info on the Resound Vidas.

I wore Siemens Binax 7s for a few years, insurance bought me a pair of Resound Linx 3Ds and they were initially fine and then weirdness happened. The right instrument would lose amplification, going to about 20% of normal. We send the instruments back, they come back and we’re told they have all new hardware, then a month later the same problem happens. We can’t figure it out but I’m beyond frustrated. I can use my Siemens’ as backups but I’ve come to rely on the made for iphone functionality.

So, I went to Costco today for an exam. In the past have worked with a high end audi. They did a great hearing exam, did an initial fit with the Vidas and told me NOT to get the Kirlkand 8.0s. Said they get a LOT of returns with those, and people find they don’t hear speech well with them. They did a prelim fitting with some demos and told me to walk around the store with them. I heard at least as well if not better than with my Siemens. Ordered a pair to see how I do with them. They said when I come back for the instrument fitting on Wednesday that they’ll do some kind of in-ear measurement that when combined with the hearing test results will provide an even better program fit. My expensive audi never did any kind of in-ear measurements so not sure what they’re doing or how important it is.

But I thought it was interesting that they don’t like the Kirkland 8.0s at all. Said I would also do well with the Brios, but direct iphone connectivity is a must for me.


Interesting. I demoed the KS8 & Vida just in the sound booth.

The KS8 were noticeably better.

In fact I am selling my Resound TV Streamer 2. Make me an offer.


Can someone tell me what chip is used in the Vida 8s? I just got them from Costco, was using the Linx 3Ds but kept having issues with the right instrument failing, even after repeatedly sending back to Resound. Just wondering how the chip and its processing power on the Vida 8 compares to the Linx 3D.

Also, Resound finally agreed to swap out my 3Ds for the Quattro 62s, which is great. Getting those fitted in a couple of weeks.


One other thing, I’m hearing pretty well with these Vida 8s, better than I ever did with the 3Ds. I wonder if that’s the Real Ear Measurement included in the Costco fitting. I’d never had that used before, read up on it and now I’m disappointed that my supposedly high end audiologist has never used it with me. From what I read, it consistently produces a better real world solution than simply using the audiogram and the software’s quick fit functionality. Thoughts on this?


Here’s a link back to the top of the post Best guess seems to be that it’s based off of the Linx 3D. Little confused–you have Vida 8s and Linx 3Ds, but your exchanging the 3Ds for Quattros?


I didn’t see any chip information there, wondering if anyone knows. The new chip on the Quattros looks impressive, the most powerful apparently of any hearing aid available.

Yes, I have Linx 3Ds. The right instrument has repeatedly lost a percentage of amplification to the point they become unwearable, like operating at 20% volume. We send them back, Resound “repairs” them, they sound fine for a few weeks and then the problem repeats. It was so maddening I just bought the Vida 8s from Costco while we try to fix the 3D issue. Just yesterday my audi got word that Resound is willing to swap them for the Quattro 62s with the size 13 battery. So after that if I love those (which I hope is the case), I’ll use those as my primaries and either return the Vidas or keep them as backups. I was using older Siemens Binax 9s as my backups and the lack of iphone connectivity was an issue, and I just didn’t hear that well with them, hence the Vidas purchase.


thanks. I click the link in that list next to the Vidas and it takes me to a press release that only talks about the Linx 3D. Still not seeing any info about what chip the Vida uses.


It’s rare to find actual chip info on hearing aids and when you do, it’s marketing. No one really knows, but we think the Vida uses the same chip as the Linx 3D.


Cool, thanks. The new chip on the Quattro sounds really impressive. And my audi agreed to do REM on me at the fitting session and a tech from Resound will be present. So hopefully between the advanced hardware, my audi, their audi and REM I get a great solution.


I haven’t seen ReSound claim that it’s the most powerful available but I think I read they claim its 2x more powerful than the chip used in the LiNX 3D.

And with any of these claims, next month it won’t be, etc.


Using Verso 9s for 5 years with phone clip
Have been advised to start trials with a familiar brand first but am open to getting another if I can hear better as have had a recent increased loss Don’t care about rechargeable. Trying to understand what I would miss if I go to Costco where my DH gets his HAs


Is the Vita 8 the Costco version of the Linx 3-D? Are you going to a different Audi for the Linx 3-d that had a problem and the upgrade to the Quattros? I thought the Costco ReSound was the Vida and previously the K6?

Trying to compare defeated equivalents for my appt with Costco this week. Thanks!

(Back when I got my Versos for 6500 from the outside Audi I found out that I could have gotten equivent one w/o tinnitus feature at Costco. I never liked tinnitus setting so could have saved a bundle. 3 months later they had the direct connectivity with the iPhone and it was too late to swap and upgrade with the private Audi. . But if the Quattro would help me hear better I would be willing to go back to her.


The Quattros are not available at Costco, but the Linx 3D are. The Quattros are Resound’s latest model. Only you can decide if they’re worth the extra money. People seem to like both the Vidas and the Quattro, but I haven’t seen any direct comparisons.


What is the Vita 8? Thanks for reply!


In the US, it’s Vida. Their model numbers start with an 8, but I don’t think that I’ve seen it called the Vida 8.


Is the hearing test results on your profile accurate, and is that your current hearing loss?

In what situations do you have trouble hearing?


Conejo23 said they had the Vida 8 so I was trying to figure out what that compared with and where Thanks!


Can you get the Vida without the recharge feature? Thanks so much!!!


Thanks Don. That was my profile last month but I think it is now worse on the right as I have been struggling with sudden hearing loss which was incorrectly diagnosed for 2 months before I was treated with prednisone.

Wearing the hearing aid on the almost non- working ear gave me back spatial awareness so I am hoping not to have to get the cross over type. My brother in law has those and could never adjust to them

Last week i woke up and could hear even less. With my ReSounds adjusted for the most recent loss on the left i am still having trouble hearing anyone more than 5 feet away unless they have a deep loud voice.
Just went out to eat and couldn’t hear my brother in law across the table in a booth despite his deep voice.

Forget trying to go to a big restaurant or talking to a woman with a soft voice. Have to pass around my mini mic and still miss 25%

. I am teaching a workshop Monday and will have to circulate and pass my mini microphone around. I currently put it i. Front of the sound bar to watch TV
If I get new ReSounds I will get a multi mic.
If I get Phonaks a Roger pen

I currently have Verso 9s with an open dome on left and closed dome on right. Got those when I had just a mild loss and loved them from the get go with one small tweak after the REM testing but that was 5 years ago