Costco ReSound Vida (Product Information)



Tinny is not necessarily bad. It could mean you are hearing more high frequencies than before and after a while you will prefer that sound. But, speech understanding should be good. Everything is adjustable and the top Resound should work. But, if it is not, I am really liking the Phonak Brio 3 with the Compilot 2 and the tv transmitter. Good adjustments and hitting your gain targets are key. On the Phonak you can specify to start at 110% of target, which tells me the target is a little low to begin with. Then I like to always raise soft speech a click or two. It doesn’t raise medium or loud sounds, just soft sounds.


I’ve had my RIC Resound Vida, Costco’s reduced feature version of the LiNX 3D, for about 2 months. There are 2 quirks that I don’t understand.

3 times, no iPhone activity, I’ve received 2 short beeps in the right aid. This is not the program change beep. Opening the app, aids were still in program 1, default settings (not separate control). This is also not the end-of-life battery warning. Any idea what’s going on? (Once, the program changed on its own???)

At least half a dozen times, watching TV in the evening, the output of the aids gradually falls; it is so significant that even at maximum app gain (13) and with the TV level raised to an uncomfortable level for my wife, I hear almost nothing. I tried all programs. I’ve used my older aids instead 2 of these times, which work ok. Any idea what’s going on?

The audiologist knows I’m dreaming these things up