Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)



I have never had a particular issue with sudden noise with either KS5 or Forte.

Both aids have the same Resound sound in simple environments.

So far, the Forte has been much better for me in Restaurants, large reverberant rooms, and with automobile road noise.


I trialed the ITC Brio 2s for two months. They were not very good in the restaurant environment. I saw the Resound Forte announcement one month into the trial. Several day s later I had an appointment for adjustments on the Brios. At this time I told them I was disatisfied with the Brio 2s and wanted to try the Resound Forte. The audi had to discuss this with the supervisor who strongly urged me to continue my trial with the Brio 2s until they could be educated on the Forte by the Resound representative in about a month. I have now ordered the Forte 8 RIE with the size 13 battery and expect to get them on Nov 3.


Does anyone have a recommendation for a Music setting for the Forte 8? Thanks


What exactly are you looking for? The Music setting in my Forte 8s appear to be the initial fit, perhaps adjusted to account for the REM reading, and it works just fine. I’ve even used it in the car, and didn’t experience any untoward wind or road noise.

With the app I can adjust for bass boost or treble boost, or any setting I want using the sliders, and can adjust Noise Reduction from the default Off to Strong.

I’ve only used it in the default setting so far, and I use tulip domes.


I just have “All Around” & “Restaurant”. No Music. I’ve swiped the tiles and looked around, with no success.


I have 4 programs: All Around, Restaurant, Outside, and Music. I stay in All Around better than 90% of the time. I had them programmed in at the initial fitting.


The hearing specialist will need to add the music program and whatever other programs you want. What are special situations that the auto program doesn’t work in?


I got 6 full days + 2 hours out of the first set of 312 Batteries. I used the app and streamed a little.


I’m going to be getting the Forte 8- 312 next week. I too thought I would be getting the the 313 with T-coil, but love the small form factor of the 312.
I’m coming from the K5s and am sure that there will be an improvement.
Still, I keep up with what’s coming out and when Costco will get this or that. The fitter at Costco seemed excited about the new Bernafon Serena (now they stream directly to the iPhone) and I almost went in that direction. I wonder when Costco will have the Phonak B90 since they have come out with the B-Direct.
The B-90 interests me. The current Costco Phonak still runs on the V-Chip.
I will try to figure out how to post my audiogram. I had an auto accident, which broke my left eardrum, when I was nineteen and decades later I have severe to profound hearing loss in that ear in the high range.
I look forward to following how people are liking the Forte 8, or have experience with the Bernafon, or guesses about a new Phonak coming to Costco.


Take a look at Tip#2 in Hearing Tracker Tips in the Forum support category.


I wore the KS5 and KS6, and the Forte is a nice improvement over both. I do think I’m partial to the ReSound sound, having worn them starting with the ReSound Pulse, then Future 8 remote mic ITCs from Costco, and the KS5 and 6 prior to the Forte.

In between the 6 and the Forte I wore Phonak Brios for a while, and trialed Brio 2s. I think the Forte, for me, is better than either Brio model. It’s also much easier to connect my TV Streamer 2s to the ReSound with no intermediate device hanging around my neck. Messing with that Phonak ComPilot was a real pain coming from a made for iPhone device.


I was able to attach my audiogram.
I went to Costco on Saturday to pick up my Forte hearing aids and after trying and trying to adjust them, the fitter concluded that one was a dud and couldn’t be programed.
I’m very bummed about this, 135 mile round trip for NOTHING.

A question I have about the Fortes is that, knowing that the Costco version can’t be remotely adjusted, does anyone know if the Smart 3D app allows for a great deal of self adjusting that could almost make up for not being able to have direct contact with one’s audi or fitter?


The app is very helpful in seeing if a little more (or less) of this (or that) will improve your experience. I think this is a great feature for helping you determine your optimal settings for your various programs.

The day to day changes to the settings you make WITHIN the app are “remembered” by the app until you power off the aids - so if you bump up the volume on program #2, that volume change will still be there if you leave program #2 and come back to it later (so long as the aids remain powered on). Should you choose to save your custom settings as “favorites”, these custom settings are “remembered” persistently by the app and will always be available to you until and unless you delete them.

As the aids default to the All Around program at the default settings when you initially power them on, you will still want your “All Around” program to eventually be optimized to your best discovered settings so that you can just put the aids on and forget about them.



The app is really good for experimenting with the settings (in a rough manner) to see if you can improve sound quality or comprehension by adjusting sound levels, noise reduction, microphone focus, etc. It’s only a rough adjustment but you can then save these setting to a custom program in the app. This allows you to go back to the audiologist on your next appointment with a more detailed data in hand. You show the audiologist your custom program and they can then build the changes into the All Around program.



I’m picking up my new HAs this week, to replace KS5s. My phone apparently isnt compatible w Smart 3d, so I ordered a phone clip for streaming TV, audible books, and podcasts. However, I’m now thinking I might be better off buying an iPod Touch for about the same price. Would that give me all of the adjustment functionality of the 3d app? (I downloaded it to my phone just to see how it differs from the Control app.) Which features aren’t available to the Forte anyway? Thanks for any help sorting out my options!


Depends on your goals. The phone clip will attach/stream almost any Bluetooth device. Without it, you can stream any Apple device of recent manufacture.

Eithers app gives you full featured controls as should the control app.


The control app looks like it only has the functions of a traditional remote control, and not the adjustments available in 3d.


Picked up my Forte 8’s today, we tried for a half-hour to get the 3d app installed to no avail. I have a Moto G5+ and I am going to call Resound Tech on Thursday and see what they can do, if anything. Has anyone looked in the battery compartment and see what it says, mine says Resound Brie 01. I’d like too hear from others as to what theirs says…


I’m getting my Fortes tomorrow, and I’m bringing the iPod Touch I bought for the specific purpose of having the 3d app. It’s my understanding that the app won’t work on most Android phones other than Samsung. I also have a Moto phone.


Do you mean that you installed the Resound 3D Android App but App but then couldn’t get the aids to pair with your phone?