Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)

The Phone Clip+ can be used to stream music or video sounds. It can also be used to stream from other Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth transmitters are so cheap now, every sound producing device can be equipped to send through the Phone clip+.

The Resound TV transmitter, or any hearing aid company TV transmitter, works better than a generic Bluetooth transmitter because they have no lag in the audio, and they are easier to start/stop. Quality of sound is good too.

I haver the Avantree Oasis and have my TV and PC linked via cables to it, then cable out to speakers. My TV and PC are close and share the external speakers since I live in a studio apartment and am single. It works great for me, and with a switch I can stream to BT ear buds (Nuheara IQ Boost) until i get my first HAs in two weeks. The Avantree is BT Low Latency so works well so far. I’m getting Starkey Muse IQ with Surflink Mobile 2 as my first trial, I’ll report more then, but I have no doubt this will work well.

I also have an appointment with Costco and plan to trial the Resound Forte, but that appointment is five weeks out. (I was astonished that they are so busy they need to schedule that far out.)

I know KenP has had good luck with one. A search of the forum should turn up some other comments.

Thanks, but Avantree is presently not available at Amazon.

Any way, I will first get used to the Phone clip+ (expected in a few days) for use with S8, particularly for phone conversation using my cellphone which I cannot use with iPod, then explore the TV transmitter issue further.

Btw, is there a simple way to search a topic (e.g. TV transmitter) in this Forum. Otherwise, the task is virtually impossible.

Since I am very new to this forum, I use the search at the top and have been pleased with how it works. Upper right I have three symbols, left to right - Search (magnifier), Hamburger Menu (FAQ, Categories and more) Avatar (great links in there).

What you need to look at isn’t a particular brand but BT transmitters labeled LOW LATENCY. e.g.

Pay attention to the type of connection you want. For PC a RCA plug type or 3.5 mm jack. Newer TV can use optical.

Yes, the magnifying glass does it :slight_smile::blush:

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My TVs use optical audio cable. Will check Amazon for options.

Does the Avantree use aptx for low latency? I would be surprised if any hearing aid Bluetooth devices have aptx. They all want you to buy their TV transmitter, which do work very well.

Yes. Full specs by scrolling down a ways.

*Audio codec: aptX, aptX-LL, SBC

So if the Starkey Surflink doesn’t have aptx you will have a little lag between lips on the screen and sound, unless you can adjust the latency on the TV. Many Tv’s have that adjustment.

Good point. Yes my Sony Vizio has that adjustment. I just searched on the Starkey consumer and pro sites and nowhere do they list BT specs. I’ll add that to my notes to discuss with the audi when I go in for the fittings. Thanks!

I just setup an appt w/ my audi to return the Phonaks and buy the Resound Forte 8 13 RIC’s.

Let me make sure I understand, if I buy a third party low latency BT transmitter and Resounds Phone Clip+ , then I can hook up the BT transmitter to anything with a 3.5mm jack and stream it to my HA’s using the phone clip??

Do I have that correct??

Not quite. You plug a low latency transmitter that then send to the clip. You can go wired by adding the multi-mic but you can buy a half-dozen low latency transmitters for that cost and be wireless.


As Ken P says. The phone clip + is the way to go, especially if your state has severe driving with holding phone handset laws.

There’s plenty of control/input on there to run your other features too. Or just get the App.

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Yes, that is correct. With a BT transmitter plugged into the headphone jack of whatever, you can transmit the sound to the phone clip+ and on to both ears like wireless headphones.

If you are connecting to a TV where you want to match up the lips and the voices, the TV transmitter works better than generic transmitters.

I got a pair of Costco Resound Forte 8s (battery size 13) and TV streamer last week replacing Costco KS5s (Resound Versa 9s). Very happy with them so far. I have a Resound remote and mic that I used with the KS5s and the fitter was able to pair them with the Fortes. TV Streamer works fine I installed the Resound Smart 3D app on my Android phone and it works fine even though it is not a supported model. I have an Motorola Razr Droid that’s 4 or 5 years old.

So far I’m happy with Costco and the HAs.

Back story - I originally went to a local audiologist to discuss new HAs. They did a hearing test and recommended HAs for $6k. I asked if we could negotiate the price or at least unbundle the pricing. We talked a while about changes in the HA market but they were unwilling to bargain. Finally they told I should go back to Costco so that’s what I did. The Fortes were $2500. I knew the price of the Fortes before I visited the audiologist and told them I would have been willing to pay $4k for Resound Linx 3D 9s (Forte equivalent) just for the local service. No deal. They stood by their pricing structure. Its no wonder both my fairly local Costcos have had to add to their HA staff.


Hey ww-mjw-

Is your Resound remote mic the older one with the older mini usb connector and not the micro usb connector?

I ask this because I also moved from KS-5 to Forte’s, and the Costco fitter was unable to pair my older Resound Remote Mic (mini-usb) to the Forte’s.

Mine is the older mic w/ mini USB connector. Fitter had to call Resound support to find out how to pair it. They guided him through the process. Works fine.

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone may require a firmware update before it will pair with newer hearing aids such as the Forte.