Costco Resound Forte or Rexton Emerald

Why I like Forte from Costco with 13 size battery
180 Day return
Price $2,600

Why I like Siemens/Rexton Emerald
Price $2,390 a pair
Rechargeable Batteries or non recharge
Free Batteries

What I don’t like
The app is only available via internet not Bluetooth
45 day return
They had no brochure & still haven’t emailed me one

Do either or both of these change programs automatically if you go in and out of loud background environments?

Any help appreciated

All current aids adjust to their environment. An environment may be complex and the choice made won’t necessarily be what you might consider optimal.

Costco’s KS7 is a Siemens/Signia/Rexton aid you might consider. You can buy a lot of batteries for the $800 difference. :slight_smile:

Ken, the Costco rep told me the KS7 hearing aids wouldn’t be best suited for my hearing loss. That’s why I posted my test. He said Forte would be best.

I think you would be best trying BTE instead of RIC. You may still want the RIC for cosmetic reasons. The BTE has the speakers in the aid instead of inside the ear. They use a tube which is a bit more noticeable but isn’t that bad.

BTE address profound well. They have less distortion than a comparable RIC. You should see less sound distortion with a BTE. With your WRS scores, that is something you likely need.

The BTE use the same hardware. They just can accommodate a bigger speaker capable of working with a profound loss better. If you don’t see a difference, you can return to the RIC. I think it likely you will see the difference though.

What Model would the BTE be at Costco? Thanks

Well, providers tend to rename the BTE but they are basically the same hardware with a speaker added. If you look at the case where Costco displays their wares, you will see a cluster of aids by brand. The BTE aids have a hollow tube running from them instead of a wire. Such aids typically use a mold instead of a dome but domes are possible for many.

Periodically – maybe six months – they change out the tube which can start to get brittle. They don’t require a wax guard. If wax should get in, it can be displaced with a piece of mono-filament or little wire.

Just ask them to show you the BTE options.

I’ve got a friend who has a very similar hearing loss as yours and she wears Phonak Naida S V SPs which are BTE hearing aids.

The Rexton app communicates with the aids via semi inaudible tones that the app had your phone produce. Those tones are then received over the air by the hearing aids.

Emerald XS 6c RIC at $2,390 or Costco Resound Forte at $2,600

I’ve heard comments about the Forte Costco Hearing AIDS, but have heard nothing about the Emeralds

Not sure which to try. The K7s won’t be as effective for background noise according to Costco Rep so I’m eliminating.

Thanks for any & all assistance

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Any thoughts about the Emeralds compared to the Costco Fortes would be appreciated


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Bluetooth from where? We’re talking about a cellphone App. All cellphone Apps are downloaded from the Internet.

I think the Emeralds (which are very similar to the KS7s) or the Fortes could work for you. I think either a RIC or BTE could work for you. I don’t think there’s anything that’s really go to make the high frequencies audible. Just depends on what’s important to you. If money is very tight, then the KS7s would definitely be an improvement over what you’ve got now.

The directions were too complicated. Sorry, I changed it to be much simpler.

For help with entering your own audiogram find a link to the instructions at Tip#2 in Hearing Tracker Tips

pvc: I don’t think your instructions were complicated per se…it’s that they didn’t go all the way. I had written some further instructions in my post just before but it certainly makes more sense for you to have the more in-depth instructions in your collection. Thanks for adding instructions to the end.

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