Costco Resound devices, Airlink 2, and self-programming problems


As far as I know the only device Costco sells that’s not locked to their version of the fitting software is the Phonak line. From everything I’ve read here, everything else is locked to their version of the software.



Aventa probably only recognizes specific devices (e.g. Resound branded); you’d probably need their fitting software to make this work.



I think it’s a given that you need the fiitting software. It seems to be common for Costco hearing aids to not be listed in the software, but once hearing aids are detected, the software recognizes them. This is for sure the case with KS7 in Rexton Connexx and Brio 2 in Target software. I’m assuming it’s the same for Resound.



So the Brio and the KS7 are not locked to a Costco version of their fitting software? I’ve read before that the Brio will work with the Phonak fitting software, but never seen where any ReSound product, including the Kirkland branded ReSound KS 5/6, work with the GN ReSound version of the software.



The KS5/6 are locked, but to the best of my knowledge, the Cala and Forte are unlocked. The KS7 is definitely not locked (personal experience) and I’ve heard from others that self program Brio and Brio 2.


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It’s not a locking problem, see Costco Hearing Aids ARE NOT LOCKED! except KS5/KS6

Agree with @MDB see How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY] and scroll way down to find this;
Costco: Your Costco hearing aid model may not show in the list of supported models until you use the detect hearing aids feature with your programming device connected to the fitting software.



But… if I can’t get the software to detect the hearing aids and if they need to be detected before I can use the software, am I not stuck in a loop?

In re-reading my initial post, I think “can’t seem to find my devices in the software” is unnecessarily ambiguous. I mean that with the AirLink 2/NOAHlink Wireless connected to my computer and appearing in Aventa, I can’t detect my hearing aids, so I can’t make any progress in using the software.



Is there a command something like “detect hearing aids” available to you? If so, what happens? Do you get something like “cannot detect?” Do you have new batteries in the hearing aids? Do you have instructions? You’re kind of a pioneer with Noah Wireless.



Pls try to use smart fit softwave to fitting your Forte 8’s, not is aventa.



Yep, @menglxs is right. You need SmartFit. You know where to find it right?

Aventa for older/Legacy, SmartFit for newer/current



I’ll do that in about a week when I actually have Forte 8’s. For now, I have Cala 8’s, so SmartFit is not the appropriate software, right?

I really don’t think I do:

Pretty sure I do. I already have it installed. I’m just not using it (yet) because it’s not the right fitting software for my current hearing aids.


So, any idea how to get my Cala 8’s to connect to Aventa via an updated AirLink 2?



I was going to get screenshots but got tied up with other things.

I put the hearing aids in pairing mode by having the battery doors open then closing the battery doors. I’ve tried this once I’m at the detection screen and before I click to open that screen.

There is an onscreen button to connect or detect hearing aids. Clicking that takes me to a screen that’s appropriately labeled for detecting aids and has a a progress indicator. This runs for some time then times out with a message that no hearing aids could be detected.



Sorry, we got focused on the Forte 8’s that you don’t have yet.

What model Cala 8 because a few models are not wireless?

From: Costco ReSound Cala (Product Information)
Cala 8 includes the following models: 312 RIC, 13 RIC, Standard BTE, Power BTE, IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE Half/Full Shell, MIH-S, and MIH. Cala 6 excludes RICs, IIC, and MIHs.



OK …

… so definitely Bluetooth-enabled.

Cala 8 RIE 61, which uses a 312 battery. They’re Sterling Grey and the receivers are both LP. Sometimes I use sport loops, sometimes not.



Only the IIC, CIC, and MIH-S models are non-wireless.

Here’s a couple of links for reference;
Aventa 3 User Guide - ReSound hearing aids and wireless accessories
Programming ReSound LiNX 3D with Airlink 2 - ReSound hearing

In the Aventa 3 guide it says;
Note: Animations in Connection Assistance will show you how to connect specific models of hearing aids with the selected programming interface.

Also maybe we should not be trying to put the hearing aids in pairing mode in case the fitting software uses some other wireless protocol (not pairing). If a different protocol was making an attempt to establish a wireless connection then pairing may be getting in the way.




The on-screen instructions explicitly say to put the aids in pairing mode by opening then closing the battery doors.



Dang! I’m running out of ideas. I’m curious about what programming device Costco used to initially program the Cala 8’s for you.



And that’s exactly what my VA audiologist does to access my Linx2’s.



Thanks @TexasBob for confirming. Which wireless programming device does your VA Audi use? The Airlink at the top of this image or the Airlink 2 on the bottom?


Also @dash @jc41 @jay_man2 @gordier @gdba, Can you shed any light on which wireless programming device (if any) does Costco uses for fitting the Cala 8?



Well it does not appear to be something akin to planned denial of wireless fitting for Costco hearing aids. Otherwise the Forte 8’s would suffer the same fate, right?
@jay_man2 says;
My Forte 8s were programmed with the Airlink 2.