Costco/Phonak RUMOR (good/bad?)


Be sure and take this for what it is – almost PURE RUMOR

Costco stores have been informed to cease placing orders for their Kirkland hearing air (K8 I think it is) Apparently Costco has reached an agreement with a mfg to produce the new Kirkland hearing aid which I would guess will be the K9. Now for the surprise - there is a high probability that it will be a Phonax Marvel (different name of course) Most likely it will be missing a few features of which the big hit will be the rechargeable feature. The retail should be about the same as the K8 so there must be a hit somewhere plus the tremendous buying power of Costco

Just something for us mere mortals to think about. I would guess 60% this will happen but remember I did say - almost PURE RUMOR

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Definitely a possibility although I’d lean towards thinking it would be a Resound, but I’m just guessing too. We should know within a month or two.



I just don’t see the Marvel being the KS9, in the Marvel’ s current form, because i think the support costs would be high, because of the Bluetooth restrictions and Costco’s support norms.



Don’t really get what you’re saying. Why would support costs be any higher because of Bluetooth and what kind of restrictions are you talking about? I’d agree though that the Marvel seems unlikely as I think Phonak is selling plenty of them already, but I clearly don’t know.



Because of the restrictions Marvel has, pair/un-pair each time you want to connect to a different device. I think the Costco center would get swamped with “it’s not working”, then “oh yeah, I forgot I had to unpair/pair, where is that again?”

Not the people on this board, but there is a percentage of people who depend on support for everything.



Interesting thought. I’m guessing the specialists get pretty shrewd at sizing up patients and directing them to where they’ll cause the least trouble. We really should know pretty soon how this is going to pan out.



I was told yesterday that the KS9 was launching today and that it is, in fact, the marvel. My Costco ran out of KS8s last week and wasn’t allowed to order more. They received an info kit on the new model on Thursday. I’ll be curious to see how it’s been defeatured. They did tell me that it was not rechargeable but they didn’t have info on what else had been held back.

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I hope this turns out true. I just joined Costco with hopes my better half will get aids, preferably the Phonak Marvels.

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If one goes to the Costco Hearing Aid Center web page and clicks on either KS8’s or Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids, one gets the following Sorry! message:

" We’re sorry, we were unable to process your request.

Please refresh this page, or use your browser’s back button to try again.

For additional assistance, visit Customer Service.

Reference ID: 37322e3137392e3137352e3138342d3037313330353232 "

The links for Rexton, ReSound, Phonak, and Philips all serve up other pages without error.

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We made the earliest appointment for 12 days from now. This is a San Antonio location, a little over an hour from our home. They said we would have to order aids the day of the test and come back a week later to get them. I sure thought we would have the chance to try a couple on in the store.



This sounds really hopeful. Looking forward to firsthand reports and also that @rasmus_braun can do his magic and give us the specs to look at.

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I have seen the Costco Kirkland K9 which will be on sale Monday July 15 at $1499 in my Costco (Mobile, Al). I made an appointment to fit my 1st hearing aid on Sat July 20. The piece that goes in the ear is a lot smaller and the model is WITHOUT recharge option and no tinnitus feature (according to the specialist). They did not have or the tech did not want to give me spec sheets so I dont know what else may be missing from the Marvel M90 features. I could have perhaps made an earlier appointment with a tech but I have a LOT of confidence in the Audi and felt strongly that waiting for her was a good safe move.

no more rumors - the new K9 is here



From the info Rasmus posted, it looks like it might only be available in 312 battery size which would be a shame. Still a great deal however.



What battery would you want? 10 or 13 or 275 or rechargeable
I am pretty excited about this. We have appointments on the 25th this month. Hopefully the KS9 will be available.



13 gives double the battery life of a 312 for very little increase in hearing aid size.



That’s true. I prefer size 13 batteries also. The Naida UP 375 aids have amazing battery life.
Just guessing, most aids in the public are powered by 312 batteries. Everyone wants a small aid.
The timing couldn’t be better for my wife to get aids. She is trialing the Starkey i2400 RIC aids now.



For others reading this thread, the battery sizes from smallest to largest are 10, 312, 13, and 675.



Probably offering more variety in battery size increases merchandising costs without necessarily increasing customer base. Must be a Goldilocks effect that a wise seller like Costco decides what maximizes profit and customer satisfaction and minimizes business hassle, e.g., people trialing HA’s with 13’s and deciding to return them for 312’s because the 13’s are too “big.”



The reason I mentioned 13s is that in other posts people had mentioned how little difference there was in size between the 312s and 13s. That’s not always the case, but apparently Phonak made a rather trim 13 model (or a bulky 312). Also, the Marvel is known for being pretty demanding of batteries.

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:smiley: And the reason that I put quotes around the “big” was to joke in a subtle way that, no matter what the reality, if you offer customers an extra option and generous trialing terms, you may very well have a carrying cost, that, regardless of the reality, they just want to return the trialed HA’s for the “smaller” ones because “These other ones are too BIG and hurt my sensitive ears! DANG! You’re going to tell me how my ears should feel?! I know these 13’s are too BIG and hurt my ears! I can’t speak without developing an itch, etc.” (although such a customer might be trouble no matter what options you have to sell them!)

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