Costco Philips 9030 seems good except it is uncomfortable

When I first had custom molds for my KS6 they were uncomfortable. At that time I happened to go to a different Costco. They said they preferred a different mold supplier. They made new molds and they worked comfortably for many years.

Custom molds should not hurt. I have worn custom molds or aids for many years. The past few years I have tried living with tulip domes.

Ok, I’ll try another Costco then. I still have a couple of months on the 180 day return policy.

Any chance the receiver wires are too short?

I’m assuming you’ve tried a different wire length. Even wires that look right can ‘pull’ if you have a dynamic TMJ area, especially when talking etc.


I agree to have them verify the length of the receivers. Perhaps even try one size longer to see if it helps.

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Another thing to do is keep your mouth partially open when they make the impressions.
This can affect the results.

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