Costco Philips 9030 seems good except it is uncomfortable

When I first had custom molds for my KS6 they were uncomfortable. At that time I happened to go to a different Costco. They said they preferred a different mold supplier. They made new molds and they worked comfortably for many years.

Custom molds should not hurt. I have worn custom molds or aids for many years. The past few years I have tried living with tulip domes.

Ok, I’ll try another Costco then. I still have a couple of months on the 180 day return policy.

Any chance the receiver wires are too short?

I’m assuming you’ve tried a different wire length. Even wires that look right can ‘pull’ if you have a dynamic TMJ area, especially when talking etc.


I agree to have them verify the length of the receivers. Perhaps even try one size longer to see if it helps.

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Another thing to do is keep your mouth partially open when they make the impressions.
This can affect the results.

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I finally visited a different Costco audiologist who had a little device that he could press in my ear to find out where it hurt, and polished the molds down more. That made them tolerable for a longer time but I returned them anyway shortly before the end of the 180 day return period, because they were still not really comfortable.

My hearing is still good enough that I function well without them, but if it gets bad enough that I can’t, then I’ll go back and get the latest model and try again.

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.

With that audio gram I find it hard to believe that your hearing is still good enough.


Just remember that hearing loss can be a “use it or lose it” situation. Our brains get accustomed to not hearing certain freqs and can either fill in those lost freqs with tinnitus or we may lose the ability to hear some of those freqs in the future, even with hearing aids.