Costco Phanok Brio Hearing Aids

Return them

Sorry you’re having problems getting your new Brio p-UP aids programmed to your satisfaction. I have been wearing a set of Brio P-UP aids for almost six months now and can say that these aids are the best I’ve ever had. I had similar experience as you when I first got them as my Costco audiologist hasn’t had any training on using the fitting software to program them.

I was fortunate to have a generous member of this forum provide me with information which I passed on to the audi to get my aids programmed the way I wanted. I started out with my old non vented ear molds first then a few weeks later I placed an order for new ear molds. When the new ear molds came they had a 3 mm vent in them which resulted in some loss of low frequency bass sounds. I tried them a few weeks and decided to go with new molds with a pressure vent only, which is 1mm. This brought back my bass plus the vents let some air into my ears.

I don’t know why my aids program slots were filled up with programs I didn’t use so I had them all removed except for T-Coil+Mics for hearing on the phone. The main program called soundflow takes care of everything else for me automatically. Sometimes it takes soundflow a few seconds to change but I can live with that. In all I had around 8 visits to Costco for minor changes and new ear molds.

The issue with your volume being too loud shouldn’t be happening. My volume stays set at whatever level I had when I turn them off at night and put them back on the next morning.

I can only suggest you start over with your programming and have all of your manual programs deleted except T-Coil+Mics if you use the phone. Take a friend with you so you have a base voice to compare to. Also don’t leave the booth until the volume is set to your liking. Have the booth door open and chat with your friend. Wear them at least 3 weeks before going back in for adjustments.

My aids are set as follows:
Boot up delay set to zero as I put my aids on before turning them on.
Only 1 program which is T-Coil+mics for the phone.
I have a mute program but it doesn’t take up a program slot.
I have voice announcements set to on. Example: ComPilot on, Music Audio.
I have clear acrylic molds with a 1mm pressure vent.

You didn’t post your audiogram values above 3k. Place NR if you have no hearing above 3k. See my signature for example. Hopefully you can get them programmed correctly for you and you can benefit from wearing them as I do.

I do understand what works for me may not work for you. Yes, you can return them and try another brand of aids.

You can read my first review here:

I just picked up my new brio from Costco about 4 hours ago. I previously had Rexton Cobalt 16’s of which the right one died. I had those for 5 years. The rextons always had a echoy/tinny sound and comprehension was difficult in a larger room. I am noticing at my office, that the Brio is doing the same thing. I had hoped they would not do this. IN the sound proof both with the audiologist of course, things were find Trying to talk to my partner who is standing in front of my desk, I lose words. I am not sure I am describing the problem correctly. Its like an old radio. I don’t know if this is a function of my hearing aids, audiologist, or my hearing. I am at work and don’t have my audio gram available.

Can you please post your audio?

Hello all. I am just using this thread to say hello as I am new where. I have been using phonak for about 6 years as insofar I have no great issues with them. Apart from the odd cutting out they do sometimes. O yes and been hassled with having to take them out to fit my helmet when going out on my motorbike.

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Hello all. I am just using this thread to say hello as I am new where. I have been using phonak for about 6 years as insofar I have no great issues with them. Apart from the odd cutting out they do sometimes. O yes and been hassled with having to take them out to fit my helmet when going out on my motorbike.

I was at work and didn’t have my audio with me: So here it is now:

L 55 65 65 60 65 60 50 35 60

R 65 70 70 65 65 70 65 70 95

I also had ear molds made and before I used domes. Have been wearing the hearing aids for 8 hours and ears feel sore.

Also when I turned up the volume in my office later, my comprehension was better, but still echoey and tinny, like an old radio.

Call and get them adjusted like you should have with the Rextons.

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Call and get them adjusted like you should have with the Rextons.

I have a follow up appointment February 3. Tried with the Rexton’s but never got it right. Hoping the Brio will work out better.

I actually tried turning down the volume on my Brio in my office the second day I had the new aids instead of up, and I could understand most everyone fine except I have a difficult time with one woman who has a very high voice. Her’s is very tinny. Bass sounds with music are nonexistent and when I use the compilot on the tv, I do not hear any base sounds. I had domes with my old RExtons and had the bass problem too, my audiologist had ear molds made for the brio. The molds are vented and when I put my fingers in my ears and cover the vent, I can hear base sounds. I don’t understand this. (Same thing with the domes, if I sort of plugged my ear when I wore domes, or pushed my ear shut a little, I heard base sounds), and when I hear the bass sounds, comprehension from the tv is much better. I do look really stupid sitting there watching tv with my fingers in my ear.

Also, the molds are uncomfortable. The first few days they hurt and I had to take them out to rest my ear. Now mostly a little sore. Will be raising all these issues on tuesday at my follow up. I do like the ease of the Compilot for the telephone though, much better than the Rexton Tec, but it drives me nuts when I get a text message while watching tv and it defaults to the phone. I did have my audiologist turn this off for emails as I get so many my aids would be going on and off constantly.

I am mostly curious about the bass issue.

It sounds like the vent you have now may be too large for your loss. A vent helps mitigate the occlusion effect by allowing low frequency sounds to leak out of your ear canal. But with your audiogram, you should have a very small vent, called a pressure vent. Your audi should verify that the vent size is properly entered in the software, otherwise the gain calculations will be off. And earmolds should not be uncomfortable. Get new impressions and a re-make if they continue to bother you.

I will ask her about that . Thank you

also are you cleaning your molds with a alcohol pad before using them? the pain is probably an infection.

also I believe some shops can put in something in the vent opening to narrow it. or even completely cover it up.

please post your audiogram as this would tell us if you should even bother having vents. if your loss is very severe there is no point on having vents as you can’t possibly hear the sounds coming in anyway.

New user, day one with Costco Brio.Phonak. Setup was uneventful and thorough. Wore them for about 4 hours today and realized I had a growing headache. Took an ibuprofen and will try again tomorrow. Not a complaint, just an observation. Obviously anything new like this will take a little getting used to. Will keep you posted.

Day two went much better. No headache! Observed that I can understand the lyrics on the car radio much easier. Even Bob Dylan! Did some window washing housework outdoors and didn’t have any wind noise or a feeling they would fall off/out. So all good today.

My take on Costco. Some two years ago I went in to Costco for an evaluation. Hearing testing was done first of course but the examiner stopped half way through and informed me I was un-aid able. That Costco had no aids that were better than what I was wearing, six year old NuEar’s. He told me that I needed to see ENT doctor as they had access to aids not available elsewhere.
Fast forward two years. Was interested in exploring the case for getting Cochlear Implant. All testing was done to see if I could qualify. One ear qualified with a SDS at 40%. The other was at SDS 52%. I could qualify with the 40% but after a long and engaging search for info I elected to forgo the Transplants. The Audio at the ENT service told me that I qualified for the Phonak Naida platform of aids, that I needed the power or UP versions. I worn two trial aids (Q90) of course. The Audio said since I was retired and had limited face to face and phone needs that the Q50 would work for me. I decided to pass on their aids by reason of costs.
Were to a local Aid seller in the area, one of the associations that had some twenty offices. Showed them by Audio Exam and they agreed that the Naida had the power I needed. They priced the Q70’s at $2195 each. This office said they could touch Costco prices, that they couldn’t buy their Phonaks at what Costco sells them for.
Call the original Costco to request an appointment. Chance would have it I got the original guy and he informed me that they couldn’t fit me. I tried to explain that that was before Costco started selling the Phonak Naida’s, that the UP would work with me. He got upset with me and never responded to me saying that now that Costco sold these new aids that they could fit me. He brought up the argument that he had wanted me to go to a ENt. I told him that I had and had the results on the Naidas. He they told me it would be unethical for him to sell me aids.
I am going to another Costco this week. Either the original store didn’t sell the Naida’s or something is wrong here. I went to the Phonak site and printed off the fitting profile for severe=profound loss. I am well within their guidelines.
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Right Ear

250 60
500 70
1000 75
2000 120

Left Ear
250 70
500 70
1000 75
2000 90

I used a pair of Q90, trial aids for two weeks. The first two days I had headaches that went away. More power, more sounds, hearing a great deal more, great aids. It will take me two months to get into a Costco hearing center due to demand. I posted below on what a run around I got. I do have to say that most of the Costco hearing people have been gracious and helpful to a degree.

Perhaps this person isn’t experienced with the model of hearing aids that you want, or doesn’t feel that you would get any benefit from them. If he’s not comfortable fitting you, then he’s doing you a favor by letting you know upfront. Move on and find someone else.

It is my understanding that if you have the Compilot for your Brio aids, you can purchase the Roger Pen and the Roger X receiver anywhere you wish. No additional programming is necessary. If you can’t find them for sale in the US, you can get them from Connevan’s in the UK ( Their price for the Roger Pen is $690 and the Roger X receiver is $376. You have to pay for shipping, of course. Use those prices for comparison with sellers in the US.

Ask to try the Trax42, In my opinion its way much better). I had exactly the same experience with the Phonak. maybe good for some, absolutely no good for me. One good thing is you have a 90 day no argument money back guarantee. Try them for 1-3 months and take them back for a full refund.

Its a pain returning for tuning I know. That’s why I did the |Costco experience and then went elsewhere to buy the same aids that I could programme myself.

Regards Ian

I just wanted to say. After reading the digital forum pertaining mainly to Costco and Phonak Brio hearing aids. I became interested in Phonak after an old friend and former employer who is presently 97 years old and has been wearing Phonak hearing aids for 6 years that I know of, with no problems according to him last week. There seems to be some misconception here as what to expect from hearing aids, I believe I can speak from some personal experience as I have been wearing hearing aids since 1959, yes I was 83 years old yesterday.
First you must understand the key word “aid” hearing “aid”, in no way will it restore normal hearing, perhaps not even come close. Hearing aids were designed for close communication between two people or small groups at perhaps a distance of 6 to 10 feet. Hearing aids are amplifiers, amplifiers amplify, they amplify all sounds, those you want to hear and those you don’t want to hear. Any honest hearing aid specialist will tell you this. Most of the people you are dealing with are what is known as, HAS or Hearing Aid Specialist, if you want a real audiologist I suggest you visit an ENT specialist as they are doctors.
Over the years I have had more different brands of hearing aids than people have fingers, they are not all the same, some are more suitable than others. If my hearing gets any worse I will revert to smoke signals and a yellow legal pad. I have a 76% loss in my right ear and a 96% loss in my left. I was wearing a pair of Siemans which were only 3 years old and out of warranty. In the last year I have had to return them 3 times at my expense and they still do not function properly. So I am hesitant to go back for any more Siemans products. With that in mind I went to Costco as they dispense the Phonak that my old friend has had good results with.
My frequency testing was deteriorated since my previous testing with Siemans 3 years ago as I expected, my word definition was terrible as usual and as expected. In all my years and all the different providers I have been to, never ever have any of them put me back in the box and re-tested my hearing after my receiving my new aids. After all, just exactly what is the point? The present day computer programming is based on your earlier testing, hopefully providing help where it is most beneficial to your needs. Exactly how one individual expects he can reprogram his own hearing aids is far beyond my knowledge.
I have received my new Phonak Brio hearing aids and the Phonak Easy Call devise. The first day was a disappointment, volume was up and down, the blue tooth was below my hearing level. I went back the following day and they were re-programmed with great care no fuss no muss. Now I have a two week appointment for follow up, already I have shut off closed captioning on my TV, voices are much clearer, even noises are clearer. In two weeks time I will have had enough time to know where if any adjustments are necessary. I don’t expect to be chasing back for endless adjustments.
Years ago I had a pair I don’t remember what brand they were but they had 7 possible programs, yes some were beneficial, most were not and I considered the idea a fancy pain in the ass. So with that in mind I would never again want hearing aids with programs, there will always be back ground noise, if you can’t deal with it stay home.