Costco KS8's: Keep or return?

I have moderate to severe high frequency roll-off loss in both ears. I’ve had KS8’s for about 2 months. When I wear the KS8’s I do notice some modest improvement in hearing but not dramatic, In fact there are many days when I am up and about that I don’t sense the need to insert them based on not hearing things … so I forget to stick 'em in. I seem to get along just fine without them. I’ve worn them enough that I know to the extent that my hearing is improved. However, I don’t feel the improvement is dramatic enough to remind me to stick them in first thing each morning. Hence I’m thinking of returning them some time before my 6 months are up. Soooo … I’ve heard / read that hearing loss, at least of a certain magnitude of loss, really should be treated. Aids may help with keeping mental faculties longer and even social isolation. I’m questioning how true this is for my hearing loss situation. Seems like I would need a more profound hearing loss such that wearing the aids makes a dramatic and very noticeable improvement. Then keeping them would be a no-brainer (pun intended).

Is my thinking off-base on this? Have others come to the same conclusion as to keep or return new aids?

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And, when you do insert them do those dang birds irritate the hell out of you? :grinning:

imo; It’s up to you. Maybe if your job is an air traffic controller (<-exaggeration) you want to keep them. If you are just comfortably puttering around. And, if you are not socially annoying your friends and loved ones, take em back.

Oh, posting you audiogram may get you better answers. Click the avatar of others to see what their audiograms look like.

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Why did you get them in the first place? It needs to be a better answer than “to hear better.” What problems were you having? Was somebody or multiple somebody’s bugging you to get hearing aids? If so, what do they say? I could describe myself very similarly. I’ve chosen to keep because 1) I can understand my daughter more easily 2) My wife prefers it and 3) I can hear birds and other high pitched sounds more easily. If you don’t have any reasons to keep them, you’re unlikely to use them.

How many times have you been back for adjustments? Your concerns about what you can and can’t hear better can probably be worked out with adjustments. I don’t know if they start everybody off low, but mine were way too low for soft speech. I have had soft speech turned up twice. They normally don’t turn them up fully to your prescription until after a few visits.

I have the KS8.0, and moderate to profound hearing loss, and I think they will do everything I need them too. I just need a couple more visits to get soft speech dialed in. Medium and loud speech are fine.

My spouse and two daughters were bugging me to get them. I was having to ask people in some cases to repeat what they were asking. But I still do ask for repeats but not as often as before. People too many times speak to me in an environment where even with the KS8’s I ask for a repeat. Sometimes the speaker has unrealistic expections in my opinion. My spouse does think that I speak in a lower volume now that the KS8’s pick up my my voice and feed it to my ears. Yes, I too hear the high frequencies that I’ve not heard for years. But I have to admit that I don’t especially like the loud floor squeaks, loud toilet flushing, loud paper page crunching, etc.

Don: I’ve been back just one time. Amy, the Costco audi, said that my initial volume settings were low. But I rarely adjust the volume full up. When I do crank it up full … the main thing that I notice is that my own voice seems very loud!

How do you get the speech dialed in? Just listening to the COSTCO audi speak while plugging in new numbers on the PC? Or change settings and then wear them for a week or more to get an impression of the improvement? I suppose the engineer in me would like to be able to tailor the KS8’s settings myself!

Thanks for posting audiogram. I suspect you might benefit from a little more gain. Have you tried turning volume up? Ah, just read recent post. Self programming is certainly a possibility. Take a look on the DIY section to see what you’d need. It also takes practice getting used to hearing sounds you haven’t heard in a long time. I would encourage continuing to work at it. You’ve got a pretty significant loss and your ability to recognize words is likely to continue to deteriorate without hearing aids.

Your audiogram is almost identical yet your WRS varies quite a bit. You might want to discuss that with an ENT. It does look like you could have more problems than average with understanding. That should improve with time wearing the aids. It takes awhile to adopt to the change in sound. Your brain will adopt over time and the things that are unusual/annoying will be compensated for by the brain.

MDB: Yes, the Costco audi pointed out how my one WRS changed in a few years. (I had a Costco hearing test about 3 years ago). She recommended the same thing: consult an ENT. I did a little research and found that the WRS score and the process used creates a result that is anything but definite. But … that may be a major reason for me to keep the KS8’s. Thanks to all!

There is a page in the software that has soft speech, medium speech, and loud speech, with + - buttons for each. I like to do small changes and try it out for a week or two, and try to get in situations where I can test that specific thing. I have read here lately about the manufacturer defaults being an underfit, and I believe that. They normally need to be turned up a little even when the pro says it is at 100% of my prescription.

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You’d be in good company. Check out the DIY’ers…

I started out with Brio 2’s from Costco, they were my first aids and I really never liked them so I rarely used them and eventually took them back for a refund. Costco hates hearing aid returns even though they use the easy return and trial as a sales tool, but enough of that.

I waited a few months and purchased a pair of Berafon Zerena 9’s. I am so used to them that I forget to take them out a bedtime and even showers. I tend to dial them down when i am outside as some sounds are just too loud and sharp.

Today I returned them for a replacement (same brand but without the t-coil) and after we left Costco we met friends for dinner. Honestly I missed 1/2 the conversation without them. I hate my Costco Hearing Aid Center but the aids have really improved my life.

In retrospect I think the Brio 2’s would have been fine had I given them a chance, but I really like the Zerena 9’s. This is not a knock of the other brands but just a nudge to get you to do what I did not do the first time and that is wear them all waking hours. There is no doubt they are just a hearing aid and some things will not sound as you may remember them, in my case I think sounds are sharper, but I really think given time and use you will appreciate them.

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My reaction was similiar to yours when I tried aids - why am I bothering with this, spending all this money, when people could just speak a bit louder, not try to talk to me from the next room, etc? When I could get by at work just asking people to repeat themselves?

But look at my audiogram. It’s way better than yours. If you’re getting by ok then you must be way better than me at getting by.

I decided it was time to do something when I realised that one thing I was doing to get by was withdrawing, not conversing at family gatherings, communicating by email at work, etc. I am not a gregarious person, and it’s easy for me to feel like I’m having a good time off by myself reading instead of chatting. Sometimes not hearing well suites me fine.

I found it hard to prove to myself that I was understanding better, because there are always situations where you wouldn’t hear properly even with normal hearing anyway. I found I had to look at how often I didn’t understand compared to before, rather than whether I always understood 100%.

If the family are all complaining then the problem is there, so I think you probably need to keep the aids. If they’re complaining less now, you definitely should.

For what it’s worth, my aids are Oticon Ria2 Pros. I’m under the impression they’re downmarket comparted to the KS8s. Probably more expensive too. I found some sounds very harsh at first, and took to turning them down. Then suddenly after a couple of months, I seem to have got used to it. You might find the benefit you get from your aids improves further.

I , too , have noticed the loud sounds since getting my ks8 s! I just have figured that those sounds were there when i didn’t have ( good)hearing aids and normal hearing people put up with those noises, so i need to learn to ignore them. It is just part of learning how to hear again!

I agree with all the comments. My hearing aids have certainly not restored normal hearing, not what I used to have when I was younger. I’ve got a considerable hearing loss but I’m not deaf. I can get along without my hearing aids, but why do that? I’m just a lot more comfortable and connected when I’m wearing them even if I don’t hear perfectly. For people just beginning to wear hearing aids, keep at it. Any brand is better than no brand. Just be patient, wear them every day, and they will become part of you. --Steve