Costco KS8 loss & damage replacement policy

Well it happened, after 2 1/2 years I lost a hearing aid while removing my mask. I have the Costco Kirkland K8’s with a 3 year warranty which I thought included a one time replacement for loss or damage, but I just found out the loss or damage replacement is only good for 2 years on the K8’s which was never explained to me. This news sure didn’t make my day!

A quick look on eBay shows a KS8 for $339 US delivered to your door.
Did Costco offer to sell you another one?

Yes they did for the full retail price of $800!

One possibility: If you purchased with Costco Credit card, perhaps you can use it to extend loss and damage warranty by 2 years? Not sure about this, would need to read the details, but worth looking into.

Costco’s Lost Policy is for a very short time. Sorry I do not remember the time frame but it is less than 1 year.

Mine was for 2 years (in California, USA)

Just purchased Resound Preza and the loss & damage is two years. You receive only one replacement of each hearing aid and the manufacturers three year warranty will continue. Any hearing aid replaced under loss and damage cannot be returned for a refund.
Hope this helps.

I’ve had a few times that the main KS8 body would pull loose from the back of my ear when removing my mask and be kind of dangling. I’ve learned two things: Don’t wear the aids with masks when that is an option and if I carefully pull the mask loops off my ear starting at the front of my ear, it is less likely to get tangled up with the aid body. But then I also do a feel check to ensure the aid is in place on my ear and in my ear.

$800 … ouch!


Mine too - Colorado (didn’t use Costco credit card but regular VISA). Helps to actually read paperwork that comes with the aids.

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Current Costco warrant is 3 years and if purchased with Costco Visa an additional 2yrs for 5 year warranty

To follow up on this, does anybody know if the 2 year extension provided by the Costco Visa apply to the 2 year Loss and Damage warranty? In other words, if you purchased with the Costco Visa, does it extend the Loss and Damage warranty to 4 years?