Costco KS8 first impressions


I’d try to tone down expectations some. I find myself most disappointed and unhappy when I had very high expectations. Never happens if I don’t expect too much.



I’m 2 months in and getting very familiar with the KS8’s. My expectations have been met & in some cases exceeded. I think it’s important to always keep in mind these are “ hearing aids”, not new ears. But having said that, these devices are light years ahead of the ones I’ve been using for the last 6-7 years.



Rather than starting a new topic I thought that I would post. Y experience with the KS8 hearing aids here. If I should start a new thread please let me know. Thanks.

  1. New member and new hearing aid user. Previously tried Phonak Lyric for about a month, not an overall good experience.
  2. First appointment with Costco Tech 10/31/18. Very through exam and lots of detail provided by tech. Let me demo KS8 and walk around store for a while to try out. Good test for background noise. Seemed good. Ordered HAs and set up appointment for final fitting on 11/5/28. Quick turn around. Opted for KS8(312 battery) due to smaller size.
  3. 11/5 appointment. Fitted with new HAs and she programmed the aids. I discussed further with her my previous experience with hearing aids. I have moderate hearing loss (audiogram is in my profile) at high tones and found the lyrics really amplified some noises to the point that I was jumpy. Running water, dishes on counter, silverware in the drawer or on the counter. As a result she lowered the initial programming to give me a better initial experience. Personally I think that it is too low. Overall a good experience with my 2nd visit to Costco.
  4. She only loaded one other program called Noise/Party. There were also 3 other Listening Situations, Cafe, Cinema & Theater, and Group Conversations. She did also help me pair my iPhone X with the hearing aids.
  5. Battery life is 5 days max. I have had to change my batteries every 5 days and am on day 13. Battery meter as others have stated is pretty much worthless for forecasting. It will tell you when they are just about dead or dead, but the batteries look good up until they die. I am on day three and the battery indicator says that both are only minimally discharged. If I triple click on the home button the report that I get outside of the app says Left 90% and Right 80%. I know right now that I will have to change them in less than 48 hours. I am not a heavy user of the Bluetooth. Just the phone when it works…
  6. Since I mentioned it I will address the Bluetooth now. I find that the Bluetooth connection is frequently lost to my phone. I will get a call and it does not come in through the HAs even though I made sure that they were connected when I put them on in the morning. It takes some girations to get them connected back up. This has happened first thing in the morning and then again in the middle of the day. Not sure what is going on with the connections. If anyone else has experienced this please let me know. Looking for a solution to this.
  7. Answering calls. I read another post where users said that they could answer calls using their iWatch and I use a Garmin Vivosport which is connected to my iPhone. I found that I can answer calls using my Vivosport and have the call in my HAs. There is no mic in the Vivosport so I still have to use the iPhone speaker, but hear the call through the HAs. More to learn.
  8. Programs. We went out to dinner the day that I got the HAs and tried the programs loaded and the Learning Situations and noted really no difference. Best hearing has been with Automatic.
  9. Volume. With the current programming I am finding that I detect no change in volume, up or down. While my wife says that I do not have the TV turned up as loud I find that there is no change when I change the volume either through the app or using the buttons on the hearing aids. I am hoping that this is all due to the conservative programming.
  10. The app only lets you jointly control the volume, but you can split the volume controls by changing the setting in General-Accessibility-Mifi…-Devices and adjust from there or more simply by triple clicking the home button which takes you to battery and R&L volume settings.

That is all for tonight. Overall a good experience and hopeful that things will get better with my next visit to Costco tomorrow. I will try to remember to update my experience after my next visit. Comments are appreciated.

Oh, one question for the experts on the site. My hearing aids are fitted with M receivers whereas the S receivers would seem to be a better fit to my uneducated eye based upon my audiogram. Is there a benefit or detriment to the M receiver over the S for my situation?

Thanks. Feedback appreciated.



A debt of gratitude is in order for the survey as well! I’m trialing some at the present time. Had them about seven days. I had purchased the Bernafon Serna’s however have not been “genuine” awed. They’re decent, yet I don’t know whether they are $800 increasingly pleasant. Here are a portion of my musings as well.

A debt of gratitude is in order for clarifying your “resound” thing. I’ve seen a similar thing however didn’t realize how to clarify it. You clarified it consummately.

My Bernafons have input issues, even after bunches of modifications out of the blue. When I would brush my hair, when somebody hangs over to murmur something to me, when my granddaughter would embrace me. I know those are potential input circumstances, yet the KS8 .handles them flawlessly. Notwithstanding when I put my hand straight up to them.

Another enormous thing is much less of the “clicking” issues some made for iPhone helps are having.

Your audit came at a decent time to enable me to choose to keep them.

Much obliged!



Can anybody give an update on the ‘echo’ issue? I just received a pair of the KS8’s and right away I noticed the echo. The Reverb Reducer program seems to eliminate it but I would like to know if this can be corrected in the Automatic program.



I think the only program where the Reverb Reducer is turned on by default is the Live Music program. It is an option in the Automatic program but is turned off by default. Just ask your provider to turn it on. The other option is to make a copy of the Auto program and turn it on in the copy version, if you do not want it to be always on in the default Auto program.



I stand corrected. The Reverb Reducer is grayed out in the Automatic program, and I don’t see any way to turn it on. I tried making a copy of the Auto program and it was still a no go. Same deal with the music programs, can’t turn it on.

You can customize the Reverb Reducer program somewhat, so that may be your best bet.

I have the KS8’s and so far I have not had any issue with echo. I don’t even have it set up as a program choice.



Ok, thanks for responding/checking. I’ll bring it up at my next appointment and see what the audiologist says. It only occurs in certain situations/rooms so I can live with it for now.

Another question: I’d like to download the Connexx software (looks like I need Connexx8.5.15/RexFit8.5.11) just to look around at the various settings and options. Will this work if I don’t connect my aids via NoahLink or will everything be disabled?



You probably mean Noahlink Wireless but yes it will work without connecting. It’s a demo mode or what they call Simulation. Choose Emerald 8C.

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Yes, most of the application will work with no hardware to actually connect to the HA’s. After you enter your audiogram data and go to the Hearing Instruments tab, and select the Emerald 8C as suggested by z10user2, there will be a monitor like icon in the middle of the screen. If you click on that then you enter the simulation mode.

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I also listen to classical music. The original programs provided to me as a new user caused a lot of distortion. On my second visit I asked for a music program and got one intended for listening to loudspeakers. I nearly cried when I heard the high strings with overtones for the first time in five years. It’s not as good as before my loss, but it’s quite beautiful.