Costco KS8 first impressions



I’ve never been able to get that little magnet to work right, tbh. There’s probably a thread on that.

As for your audiophilia, are they using the programs – there are three – specifically for listening to music? I like the two that I use – not the one for performers – quite a lot. As you say, they disable a lot of the noise reduction and so on. This is one feature that I’ve appreciated with the KS7s.


Yes, I’m an iPhone user. The fact that hearing aid technologies were aligning to iPhone prompted me to shift to an iPhone several years ago.


Yeah, I agree. Seems like kind of a “standby” mode.


My old HAs really amplified plane noise, so I never wore them on planes. The KS8s are so much better on the plane!


You are my hero! This worked like a charm. I (and my ears) can’t thank you enough!


I didn’t know a “Mute” setting was an option! The next time I go in for an adjustment, I will ask about this to replace one of my lesser used programs. Thanks for the tip!


A few more observations after 2 full weeks with the KS8s:

  1. The first pair of batteries last around 4 days, the second pair lasted longer at nearly 6 days, and I’m currently on day 5 of the third pair. This is much better than the 2-3 days I had read about elsewhere. I’m wearing them on average about 13-14 hours/day, with sporadic streaming mostly for phone calls, with minimal audiobook and music listening.
  2. I have been getting a lot of headaches lately that started roughly when I got the HAs. When I initially got them, I had the HIS adjust the volume up slightly, and I have concluded that was a mistake and the additional volume is what was causing the headaches. Things were just a little too loud, and I noticed that I was turning the volume on the HAs down fairly often. Yesterday I went for an adjustment and had her put the volume back down to where she wanted it to be in the first place, and so far today no headaches. In hindsight I think my desire for more volume was overcompensating for the fact that my previous HAs were not calibrated correctly and I was afraid of missing a single word.
  3. I continue to marvel at how these HAs are so, so comfortable. I can’t feel them in my ears at all.
  4. Like @kwwilliams, I find the app to be not particularly intuitive. Fortunately changing programs and volume are easily accessed by triple-clicking my home button, but for anything else I have to search for it in the app.
  5. In addition to the 6 programs that are stored in my HAs, the app gives access to an additional 3 Learning Situations (Cafe, Cinema & Theater, Group Conversation). I haven’t played much with these yet, but I did find “Cafe” to be helpful in a noisy situation.
  6. The clicking when streaming to the HAs is unpredictable. Sometimes there is no clicking at all, and other times it is just enough that I find it annoying.