Costco KS8 first impressions



The sound feature that deals with tinnitus is iffy. Many don’t see it as much help. The manufacturers do use it to tell their clinics that the aid they sell Costco isn’t “as good” as they get.

I believe that Costco negotiations used the iffy nature to negotiate a missing feature – it being the least important in the feature set.


As for number 7, you can get them to set your aids up so that for one ear, holding down the lower button will completely turn both of them off. I live in a big, noisy, city and I use this fairly often when I’m on the subway.


I’m interested in learning more about the KS8 because I just bought the KS7 three days ago. I used the KS5 for about 3-4 years and was generally happy. Last week I lost the right ear HA at a TSA checkpoint in the Sea-Tac airport while transporting my father-in-law to a memory care facility in Colorado. His dementia is severe and he was extremely disoriented, confused and combative so it was quite an ordeal and one HA got lost. Here where I live in Japan the KS8 has not been announced yet and from past experience they are several months behind U.S. Costco due to lots of testing that must be done here in Japan before they get approved under strict government regulations. I didn’t even know there was a model 8 until coming here the day I brought my new 7s home. My return period at Costco is 6 months so if the 8 is released here during that time I may be interested. But my phone is Android and I don’t really want to switch. I do have an iPad mini that I use fairly often so that would probably work, but not sure how helpful it would be since it isn’t a phone. But so far the little magnet strip on my Android phone seems to work OK, although it doesn’t get close enough to the HA in my normal holding position so I have to hold the phone a bit higher. Haven’t really been able to test it out much yet though. Aside from normal everyday use, my biggest interest is in music quality since I do a fair amount of dedicated listening on a rather good sound system (Hafler power-amp, Magnepan speakers). I’ve only done one short listening test with the new HA and it wasn’t too bad for a first time. It took multiple adjustments with the KS5 units to get the music dialed in right. Mostly just needed to disengage all the fancy digital functions to get something closer to real music sound. Highs were still a bit smattered so did some more fine adjustments to get that straightened out. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like there are any huge changes from KS7 to KS8 that will benefit me, but only time and feedback from users will tell.


If you get the replacement, you’ll have close to a 6 mo. boost to 3 yr warranty and 2 year loss replacement. Seeing that your replacement is on 4 years, that’d be a help.

Newer models seldom have negatives but are more refined.


I am sorry about your father, revdocjim.

Just a thought; will you be back in the US during the next 6 months?


Probably not. As for the KS8, am I correct in assuming that it comes with the little magnet to put on my smart phone, just like the KS7?


There is no magnet on the KS8, it is truly handsfree. I don’t even hold the phone up to me ear when I talk. I prefer this to the magnet approach.


kwwilliams; iPhone user?


Thanks for reporting this “feature”. Once turned off, does holding down the lower button turn them back on as they were prior to turning them off? And hopefully only the mic pickup on the KS-8 is turned off and you can still stream conversation or music from an iPhone? I hope your answers are both “YES”!

With my KS-6s, I have the last of 4 programs set to mute the mics on the HAs. Somewhat of a pain though having to cycle through the programs to turn them off. I’d like the KS-8 feature as a better solution if the subsequent press would turn them back on.


Hmm. Cycle through. Can you not press the other button to go backwards. So you’re at program 1. Press one button to advance to program 2. Press the other button to return to 1. Or if at 1 then to wrap around to 4 in your case.
My KS7’s will return to the program that I was on after turning them back on again. Pulling the battery always returns to program 1 (or auto).
I don’t think they’ll do anything if they’ve been turned off. It’s not about muting the mics. It’s about turning them off.


Thank you. Getting audio & fitted for Ks8 tomorrow. Had Bernafons from Costco before which I liked. Going for the “house” brand this time. Hope they serve me as well as my previous ones. Had first Bernafons 5 yrs, second pair 3 years…
rescue Pommeranian chewed on the right one. :frowning: She survived, but my aid did not! Been limping along w/ one for 2 mos.
Thanks for your review and sharing. Pdae


I can’t remember reference, but I really think it’s just muting the microphones. The startup tone is different when using the buttons versus opening battery door. Just confirmed. If I “turn off” by button and have it in a different program, it will still be in the same program when I “turn it back on” with button. If I use battery doors, it does not. It’s just muting microphones. (I remember my surprise when I learned this sometime back–I really thought it was turning them off too.)


KS-6s Only have one button to press so you have to cycle through all four (max. number of program “slots” on KS-6). programs.

So I guess that once you turn the KS-8s off by holding the button down, you need to open and close the battery compartment on both aids to turn them back on?

When (and if I go for KS–8s this summer when my 3 year warranty is up on my KS-6s) I get KS-8s, I’ll have the programmer set up the second program slot (after “automatic”) to turn the mics off. Then I can cycle back and forth between the first two programs without cycling through all the programs as I have to do with the KS-6s.

Thanks so much for all the participation and great information available to all the members of this forum!


No. At least for the KS7’s you press and hold again and a tune plays and you’re back. And back to the program you were in. I would imagine it would be the same for KS8.
Couldn’t you get your fitter to program the #2 slot to “turn off” the mics? There are 2 buttons on the KS8. It should wrap around to the last program from the first like the KS7 does.

MDB: Now I’m curious. I’ll have to test my neckloop to see if I can hear in the HA’s while “off”.


Do let me know! I do remember being very confident that I was turning off the hearing aids, but using the loop should be true verification.


Yet I’m pretty sure Connexx says power off. And then also you can set the telecoil program to mute the mics too. It has a sliding scale from all to none.
But I’ll test it for curiosity sake.


Yes, Connexx says Power on/off. Weird that it has different start up tones for being turned off by button versus by opening doors. And yes, I remember the several settings for telecoil: mikes off, mikes on, and mikes at reduced volume.


A lot of devices you “turn off” are not fully off. TV’s and computers are examples.

There is a term for that “Vampire Power” that annoys some folks. You can even buy a device that will tell which are the worst offenders. You then place those devices on a power strip to easily control electrical usage.


Thanks for the review. I’ve always kept the #2 setting as “Mute” so that I can do that on/off comparisons easily. Also, very nice to have when some sudden noise (leaf-blower!) assaults you unexpectedly.


MDB: I tested with my after market neckloop with a bluetooth connected player playing and I could hear it. Then I “turned off” the HA’s. No sound. So it seems to me that power off means power off. Per KenP…I would suggest that turning off with the battery in gives the memory some battery backup power and returns to the state it was in. Kinda like a motherboard battery keeps the low level computer settings alive.
But of course that may not be definitive. Maybe the manufacturer necklace that I don’t have would still work. But I doubt it.