Costco KS8 first impressions



How was quality on plane with background noise?


So, the KS8 sends sound directly from a regular TV directly into hearing aid?


KenP you are right.
Have the REXTON transmitter for my KS8s and it works like a charm
Delight in walking all over the house and enjoying music from one of the DirecTV channels.


No it will not. It will either need a streamer made for the hearing aid attached to the TV, or a generic BT streamer attached to the TV (or a BT TV) and a device that you wear or have close to you that can receive BT and stream to your hearing aids.


I have had a pair of KS8s for almost 6 full days. Before these HAs, I was wearing a pair of Phonak Audeo Vs that have served me well. My main focus was talking on the phone and working in noisy environments, which are both big parts of my job. Given that here are my impressions so far:

  1. Size - the Phonak Audeos are slightly smaller than the KS8s. The Phonaks were not noticeable at all, and these can be seen behind my ear a bit. I’m going to change the color to make them less noticeable with my salt and pepper hair, that is mostly salt now, I thought gray would work better. I’m going to switch the shell back to black so hopefully they will be less noticeable. They are still bigger but it’s not a huge difference.

  2. Battery Life - I purposefully let the batteries run out to see how long they would last. The battery went from Wednesday at 12:00 pm until Sunday at roughly 8:00. That’s almost five full days of use in some difficult environments (planes, noisy restaurants, movies) as well as using the streaming and phone functionality quite a bit.

  3. Streaming Phone- The phone functionality is amazing. This is truly handsfree, I can place my phone in another room and still talk on the phone. I talk with my phone in my pocket after answering. I’m not sure how it’s doing it, but the people on the other end confirm that they hear me clearly even if the phone is not close enough to me to function as a microphone.

  4. Streaming Music/Movie Sound - I enjoy this quite a bit, but the clicking that other people have mentioned, I am definitely hearing and sometimes it is loud enough to make the streaming unusable, it almost sounds like a rimshot on a snare drum. This happened right after I first walked out of the store, but hasn’t really happened since. I was able to actually watch a movie on the plane Sunday evening streaming to my hearing aids. This was a much better experience than using my Phonak Compilot. The Compilot I couldn’t ever use it to listen to movies on the plane as the background noise was too loud to be useful.

  5. Noise / Party Program - This program has not worked well for me so far (keep in mind they may need to be adjusted). I took a client out to lunch on Thursday and turned them on the Noise program - it actually made the environment much worse for hearing. We were at a restaurant that had an upstairs and down where the noise from upstairs can wash over the people sitting downstairs (think of upstairs as a loft). It felt like all I could hear were the other conversations and not the one right in front of me. I turned off the Noise program and adjusted the microphone pattern to be as tight as possible. That helped, quite a bit. My Phonaks didn’t struggle to this degree in noise.

  6. Cinema program - Went to see a movie and turned on the Cinema mode. Didn’t really tell any difference, but I did have to bump up my volume significantly during the movie to hear well. I was at volume of 14 out of 16 (8 is default).

  7. Ringer Volume - completely agree with Pleaides, this should be adjustable it is completely startling to have the ringer in your at that loud volume.

  8. App - It’s not intuitive, but you get used to it. I want to be able to turn up the volume, adjust the program, adjust the mic pattern, and that’s about it.

Funny story my wife picked up my phone to look at something without me knowing it, and started watching a video with the volume turned all the way up. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sudden and unexpected youtube video playing in my ear.


I found you can set the MiFi device to not play the ringer, it’s in the accessibility setiings for the mifi device, it’s not in the app.


No. Requires the SmartMIC accessory plus a Bluetooth transmitter on the sound source. A new version of the SmartMIC will be available in about a month.


KS8s were apparently designed to be used with iPhones. You need the SmartMIC accessory ($200) to use with Android.


I’ve had my KS8’s for about 2 weeks. I only used some cheap Lotus 12P’s (low end ‘hearing aids’) for the 3 years prior. Some comments:

  • Fits in my ear nicely, stays put, no tickle, comfortable
  • I have volume up/down on right toggle and program up/down on left toggle
  • I wear glasses but no issue with the KS8’s … no tendency to disturb the aids
  • Battery life around 4 days with wearing them maybe 12 hours per day
  • I’ve heard some of the same clicking noise and concluded it is hair brushing past a microphone opening
  • I have moderate tinnitus … KS8’s have not changed that
  • Have 6 programs loaded but not noticed much difference so far …mostly using the auto program
  • No feedback
  • Limited wind noise when outside in windy weather
  • Downloaded the Connect Direct app to my LG Android phone. Fairly simple to connect and pair the KS8’s. All the functions provided work fine but I doubt that I’ll use it that much.
  • Bought a cheap ‘Dry-Eze’ to dry the devices nightly. Costco seems to have a very good electronic dryer for $40 (much higher on Amazon)
  • Wifey says I don’t talk as loud!
  • I tried the KS6’s three years ago for 90 days and returned them. I like the KS8’s much better (I don’t think the KS6’s were properly fitted)
  • i’ll probably keep the KS8’s


Good review, thank you.
Interesting about the 4 day battery life. I thought the previously reported 3-4 day life was because of heavy iPhone use, but you have Android.


I have a seemingly stupid question. How big is the box the KS8 is packaged in? I have appt at Costco tomorrow morning and would like to ride my motorcycle over there, and wondering what I will need to bring the box home…



If it’s similar to my KS7s, about 8"x5"x2". That’s assuming you’re not getting any accessories: smart mic, drier, etc.


Thank you. I called Costco, and the gal said it is “about the size of a Rubic’s cube, you can fit it in your jacket”. Somehow that does not jibe with your 8x5x2 estimate. Either way I can fit it in the tailbag on my KTM SuperDuke 1290 R.


They could have easily have changed their box between models.


Well that is why I asked here. I figure someone who just got a set might have an accurate answer.

I won’t be buying any accessories.


Thanks for the review. I am just now about to buy a pair as my very first HA set… I will report…


I’ve had my KS8’s for less than 2 weeks - they are my first hearing aids. I’m also new to the forum - but have been reading it since I had my first screening. I’d like to give my experience with iPhone ringer volume when streamed through the KS8. Initially the ringtone was very loud, but I found it easy to adjust through the phone. The volume buttons adjust the volume of a variety of things in context with whatever you’re doing at the time – so, for me, the easiest way to change the volume of the ringtone is to go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and there is a slider to adjust the volume of the Ringer and Alerts.


My lady tech at Costco says the KS8s are re-branded Rextons. Rextons have a feature to deal with tinnitus. That feature is disabled in KS8s to differentiate the KS8 from the Rexton brand. If tinnitus is important for you, you will need to look beyond KS8s.


It may or mat not be disabled and the reason this is not available at Costco is not to differentiate between Costco and Rexton. Costco doesn’t deal with tinnitus, period! Costco is too polite to tell you to go pound sand if you want tinnitus treatment.


My tinnitus is tolerable … mostly ignore it. Has been pretty much unchanged for probably going on ten years. Some other people are not so lucky with it!