Costco KS8.0 streaming option

I didn’t realize this until today, but, if you are streaming from a Bluetooth source, the Programs still work. For example, if I’m streaming music, it appears to stream through the current program. If, while streaming music, I change from program 1 to the music program it sounds so much better. Program 1, with frequency compression, is a little rough on music. I normally don’t even notice that but I just changed to the music program while streaming and it sounds like music now!

So when streaming I could use program 1 for dialogue and music program for music or mixed streaming.

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Is this via direct streaming only from an iPhone or the Smart Transmitter?

What about via an intermediary Bluetooth device? What is this intermediary device called anyway? (Sorry I don’t own a KS8, but I’m recommending it to my brother, so I’m interested to know).

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It is from the Bluetooth device, Smart Mic. The Signia version is called Streamline Mic.

I was streaming from my cell phone through the Smart Mic but I suspect it would work that way from any Bluetooth source (uses the processing of whatever program you are on).

Maybe someone with an iPhone can verify it also works that way.

While streaming I changed the program back and forth between program 1 and the music program. Clearly different streaming sound.

I don’t have the KS8 but I know that my OPN 1 works that way with my iPhone. It picks up the settings of the OPN program I select on my iPhone.

I just tried this out with my iphone 6 and music and podcasts. I generally (well, wearing only 3 weeks) stay on automatic, as I’ve not noted much difference between programs/settings.

There is definitely a difference in music sound between settings! Right now listening to music on “television.” I don’t have “music” installed, but will ask for it next time.

I can’t really discern much difference in sound with podcasts. Perhaps speech is a little more crisp, but I’ll have to sample a bit more.

That’s interesting, V. There seems to be some technical collaboration going on between Oticon and Signia. What’s up with that? Is a merger in the future?

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Do you think this works while streaming MFi?

Yes, a previous comment indicated it works that way for iPhones as well.

I just answered my own question: with KS8 using the Connexx app. All setting changes work when using MFi streaming: high/low frequency, cafe, noise/party, everything.

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Dan, do you program/tweak your own?

Not yet, but I’m planning to when I get a programmer. Do you have KS8s? Do you do your on programming?

Not yet. I was researching options, as I inherited a pair of phonaks from an aunt and found that most hearing centers judgingly frown upon that situation (or charge exorbitant “adoption” fees). I’m interested in learning just for the sake of learning. :slight_smile:
Keep us update on how it goes for you when you get a programmer.