Costco KS 8.0 vs. Rexton Legato Li

So I had an appointment at the local Costco and they recommended the Legato Li (apparently similar to the Legato Stellar Li).
I asked about the Costco KS 8.0 however she said I require lots of power so the Legato Li is what she would still go with.
I would have them in both ears and there is about a $1000.00 cost difference between the two.
Any insights on if the Legato Li would be worth the difference in cost?


Unless you specifically want a rechargeable hearing aid, I’d go with the KS 8. There is no difference in “power.” The same receivers are used in both. The KS8s with size 13 batteries will have longer battery life, but the 312s can be just as “powerful.”

Today at Costco I asked about rechargeable and the guy said that you are paying $900 more and they have an older chip. I have no idea what all of this means but thought I’d pass it on so you can research.