Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

Most likely the Amazon one will have a slight delay in the sound and the speech won’t sync with the picture.

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This could be caused by your phone. Depending upon settings, noise from your phone via your Bluetooth connection can suppress your normal hearing aid sounds temporarily. I believe you can suppress those sounds via a setting on your phone.

I’m finding the bluetooth pairing almost impossible lately. I’ve had it connected and streaming into both aids both on my old Blackberry Key2 (an android) and my new Samsung Galaxy S10e, but it’s gone AWOL on both phones most of the time lately. Often they both will pair only with the Left aid (the one we set up as dominant), and the ability to stream is either limited to the left side (which is unfortunate because that’s my really bad ear and the streaming fidelity has always been hideous), or else both aids don’t show streaming for phone calls or media even as an option. I’ll be seeing my Costo rep soon about this but honestly I’m fed up.

The thing is, I could get this stuff to work at first, after a few stumbles, but now it’s a challenge all the time. Sometimes I can’t even pair just to control the aids never mind streaming.

The $99 TV connector streams, it is not BT and uses very little HA battery power. Pairing is required for BT and only one at a time, so if paired to a TV, or computer it can not be paired to your smartphone at the same time. The TV Connector only requires it be linked by pushing a button on the connector, so you can have several and just link to whichever one you wish. All the while your phone will still be paired and will interrupt streaming for a phone call.



Is there any way to ‘discover’ what program the automatic setting has selected for any particular environment? For example, I was listening to background music earlier today. I don’t know if my aids were in the music setting, or not. It would be great if the APP could display this information.

Hi ThomF,

Not as far as I know as for KS9 - the app is very basic. Only through Target 6.1 and looking at the Logging stats. But even then, you wouldn’t know what was currently selected.

It might be possible to know this with the Phonak App with a Marvel. But I don’t know.

That would be validating of the auto program, but no. I do have by insisting three of the manuals, Quiet, Noise, and Loud Noise. During noisy situations I have switched to the manual and could then tell that the Auto had switched as well. You should be able to tell when the Music program is auto selected, it takes a while, and must be 50% or greater of the total sound, as noted by me and others it doesn’t seem to recognize guitar band music at all. If listening open air is important I suggest it be a manual program to select when wanted. I believe it to be a flaw at this point. I mostly stream music so not a problem.


I also like the fact that the Streamer goes on and off with the TV or other connected device and I can hear the confirming action right in my ears. Nothing to open and close. Nothing to turn on and off other than the source device, whether operated manually or with a remote (or voice command if you are an Alexa, Google, etc. user).

Not necessarily. Many of Amazon’s BT devices are now low latency, e.g. aptx. I had one with my old hearing aids and there was no perceptible lipsync problem with my paired headphones. But if you pair the Amazon device to your KS9s instead of low latency BT headphones you would still have the problem of burning through batteries, a problem that does not occur with the TV connector which uses Airstream and has all the other advantages described above.

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Yeah, the App is pretty much useless. Wouldn’t it be great if it would tell the hearing aid wearer what program the hearing aid is in–real time?

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You are so right, glucas!

Received my is 9.0 HAs with custom molded ear pieces. Fitter could not adjust out occlusion which made her and my voices sound like I had my head in a barrel. I suggested a larger vent and was told she tried inputting larger vents on computer. I don’t believe that is a feasible way. I think the vents would have to be physically enlarged.
After an hour of trying I left the store with my refund and no HAs.

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When you are doing the fitting with a computer program, you can accept the default vent sizes or put in different sizes to see what that does in computer simulation mode. She perhaps did that and didn’t like what she saw for feedback potential. If the vents are too large you will have feedback issues especially if you have a significant loss in the 3 kHz frequency range.

Another option is to get molds with Select a Vent (SAV). They allow putting in vents of different sizes to do a trial and error type of vent fitting.

I am brand new, and I have been wearing my Ks9 for a little over a week. The bluetooth connection worked great up until the end of the first week. I switched out batteries, and it started working again, but soon quit. My phone calls are coming in, but that’s it. I can’t stream music nor am I getting any notifications. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas? I am seeing my fitter again on Thursday.

What kind of phone? Try forgetting the connection and repairing?

I have a Samsung Galaxy 8. I have turned off the connection, but haven’t totally forgot the connection. I will try that.

Sometimes we just have to get used to some of the down side. Since you had molds (cShell) your loss is significant and the power required will feed back if the vents are greater. I also went from domes in my last pair to cShell molds. The vent is the size of a nylon fishing line. The sound in a barrel at first was obvious, but have now accepted it, I no longer hear that at all. One thing I did realize after a few days was I was very clearly hearing my own voice, not something I was used too. When you first turn them on you hear all the ambient surround sounds, at first it sounds like a roar, then not so much. Give it another try, they give you 6 months.


Did Costco refund the price/fee for the custom molds?

Before mine were made it was explained that the added cost would be refunded. Costco is first rate in that regard.


Four years ago the Costco Centre fitted me with my Phonak Brio R told me the fee for making the molds were not refundable. The HIS reaffirmed that 3 months ago when I ordered the KS8 HAs. I am Canadian. This may be another area where Costco Canada is less generous.