Costco Kirkland Signature 6 Bluetooth?

I have a question for those familiar with the Kirkland Signature 6 aids. I have researched on line and see that they are the Resound Linx1 just released in April 2015. They are stated to be every bit as good as the Linx2. My question though is I see that they are made for the iPhone and fully compatible with my iPhone 6 Plus. My question though is can they also do Bluetooth? My current but old Phonak’s work great with my car Bluetooth and with a Bluetooth adapter plugged into my work desktop phone via the iCom necklace. Will these connect/pair to Bluetooth devices such as the desktop phone adapter? Working tech support I need to be able to utilize my work desk phone without getting into speakerphone battles with my cohorts. Th Phonak iCom works miracles doing so, but the old aids are starting to go. The right one barely works now, and the battery door keeps falling off. They are like 5 or 6 years old, if not more. They were $8,000 complete back then and I do not want to spend that much again … nor can afford to now that insurance won’t even give $5 let alone the $5,000 they used to cover.

The KS6 can connect directly to your iPhone, but you’ll need to use the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ if you want to interface with other Bluetooth devices such as your office phone.

Thank you for the quick answer. I have an old Jabra Bluetooth adapter that they haven’t made in years. I believe my current Phonak Audeo X and the Jabra are from 2008. The Jabra has always worked great allowing me to take business calls on the multiline work phone with ease. I can’t imagine why they stopped producing it, but am hoping it proves compatible with other Bluetooth adapters from other hearing aid companies. I never have found another adapter that converts a landline phone to Bluetooth compatibility to allow a Bluetooth headset, or hearing aids in my case, to work/pair with the phone.

You can review the phone clip + here. Shouldn’t be a problem connecting. You’ll probably like it a bit better. It will support 8 BT devices. Costco sells it for $207.

You should send a PM to Don, who has the phone clip +, a Plantronics MDA 200 switcher, and a Plantronics 2714-01 bluetooth adapter, which allows you to switch between a laptop and a desk phone for calls.

Thank you Ken. That is what I like to hear … uh … see. Now to convince my wife to go the $2,200 to get the setup at Costco. Have to renew our old membership first, plus the aids, the clip +, and tax … might be a tad more … but beats the 8 grand for the previous ones.

Don? IF I get these, and I hope to do so eventually, I would hope that they may connect to my old Jabra adapter which works great. But if not, I may be looking to update there too. However, I’m not looking to connect to a computer, just the work desk phone/Jabra to the hearing aids. Nothing more than that. I know these hearing aids are designed for the iPhone, which I have the 6 Plus of, but need an go-between for other Bluetooth connectivity … the Clip +.

My only complaint as far as Costco is their limited hours. I would need to take time off from work for fitting/ordering, then for pick-up/adjustments, then more for additional adjustments, cleanings, etc. But the $2,200 price difference fo covers a lot of time off for the aids and clip

Don is a member here.

Is the Jabra adapter a bluetooth adapter, or a DECT adapter? PhoneClip+ only works with Bluetooth. I have used the Plantronics 500A base and it works fine also. I currently have the Plantronics MDA200. I have my cell phone, office phone, desktop computer, laptop, and tablet going through the PhoneClip+. I also have the Resound TV transmitter and I like it also. I want everything possible going through the hearing aids.

Don, yes, the Jabra that I have is a rectangular roughly 7" by 2" by 1" high plastic box. The handset unplugs from the phone and the Jabra plugs in its place. The phone handset then plugs into the Jabra and can be used when the Jabra is not paired or set active. I push the button on top of the Jabra, it connects via Bluetooth to my current iCom, and the iCom via FM into the Phonak hearing aids. Worked great while the aids were good, but they are about 5-6 years old now and on their way out, starting to fail.

One other thing I’m a bit concerned about … the Kirkland aids are fully compatible to the iPhone via Bluetooth with no additional device … but what about when in a car that has a Bluetooth radio that does Siri, music, voice dial, and phone calls via the radio’s mic and the cars speakers? I would rather use the car Bluetooth than iPhone direct to the aids via Bluetooth. Can that part be temporarily shut off to allow the car to utilize the iPhone?

My car has hands free with Bluetooth, and the KS6 aids never conflicted with it. It was a totally seamless transition to and from.

Thank you, Jay_man!!! That is what I was hoping to hear, the only other thing I was worried about. Now I am totally looking forward to my Oct 6th appointment at Costco for the first fitting/demo/whatever they consider it.